Yonsei’s SK Global House

…Ok some of you have been waiting for this.

When I first moved into SK Global House I promised to take pictures and videos of the place.  Yea, I didn’t do that until my LAST day there!  Sorry! >.<  Without further ado:

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Rules of SK Global House

Because many people asked, here are ALL of the SK Global House rules.  These are taken from the booklet I was given when I moved in.  These could change without notice

The House could force eviction to residents who get more than 100 penalty points during the semester (50 during vacation season).

  • Theft (Food in the common refrigerator, mail, laundry and laundry related items, etc) Termination of Occupancy
  • Outrageous and violent behavior Termination of Occupancy
  • The use, possession, and/or distribution of illicit drugs Termination of Occupancy
  • Trespassing Termination of Occupancy
  • Residents many not enter the other genders floor Termination of Occupancy
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Thursday May 13th marked the end of the May festivities at Yonsei.  The big ending event was AKARAKA (which I gave some facts about in my last blog).  I went with the Mentors Club group which meant that I was a VIP.  We were supposed to meet with the club at 11am, however I didn’t show up until after 3pm because I didn’t want to miss my morning classes (I had a midterm due).  A friend called me to tell me where I needed to go and when she said VIP I pictured comfy seats in a less crazy section of the amphitheater.  WRONG.  VIP meant we were the ones standing right in front of the stage!  Yea, we had to stand for 7 hours, my feet are still hurting, but it was SO worth it!

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The process of getting an Akaraka ticket…intense stuff!

Today was the ticket sale for Akaraka tickets for exchange students at Yonsei.  For those of you who don’t know what Akaraka is let me tell you about it quickly.  Akaraka started in 1986.  It’s an event that marks the end of an annual May festival at Yonsei called Daedongje.  It’s basically a giant pep rally that is divided into three parts.  1) Performances by Yonsei clubs.  2) Performances by famous Korean celebrities (like SNSD, Kara, Super Junior, etc.). 3) Yonsei cheering and dancing.  This year Akaraka will be on Thursday, May 13th.

I’ve been looking forward to going to Akaraka even before I knew that I was coming to Korea this year.  I watched youtube videos of past Akarakas and it looked like soo much fun! So when I heard that there were only 160 tickets for the hundreds of international students I decided to skip my second hour of Korean class to line up 1.5 hours early for the tickets which didn’t start selling until 6:30.  Me and my friends were about 20th in line when we got there.  However by 7:15 (when we finally got our tickets) my ticket number said 134!  People were showing up last-minute and cutting right into the front.  Ugh!  How rude.  I’m not even going to go into it….  I’m over it.

Anyways, so we got our tickets and t-shirts too.

“Share this t-shirt with happy price.”  …..hahaha.  I’m thinking they mean something along the lines of “Wear this t-shirt with great pride.”

See the blue cap^  wearing the white t-shirt?

2 minutes later look where he is.  Ya!!!

Yea…we were getting really frustrated because we had waited in line for so long.   We were even split up from one of our friends who was at the front of the time, but we didn’t cut because we didn’t want to be rude.

Line behind us.  >.<  no idea if everyone ended up getting tickets or if they just left.


Mentors club t-shirt that I should wear to Akaraka.

Kinda wish it said Yonsei in Korean, not Chinese.  Oh well.

Not sure who is performing at Akaraka this year.  Apparently only the club, who is also called Akaraka, who organizes the event knows.  But I’ve heard that all the biggest and most popular singers and groups at the moment would be the ones performing.  I’m hoping for C.N. Blue and Girls’ Generation the most!!

Today was part of that May festival I mentioned earlier.  The area near where our tickets were getting sold was a “Global Festival”.  There were a ton of countries and eat one had a tent.  People from those countries operated the tents wearing clothing from their country and sold the food of their country too.  We were standing by Pa.kistan and they were selling samosa (that’s what it looked like) that smelled SOO good!  It was really hard not to go buy some.

Our mentors club was selling cocktails in these plastic pouches.

This one is just ice tea.

There were TONS of tents and activities.  There was a booth where you could smack someone laying on a bench with a long pole.  Ouch!  Tons of water balloon type booths.  I felt bad for those people…it was soooo cold and windy today!  Lots of alcohol and food booths and tents.  People were running around in costumes too.  I’m mad I didn’t have time to take any nice pictures because I had to meet my language exchange partner.  This event is going on tomorrow too, I don’t have any plans so I’m going to try to wander around and take some pictures.

Want to know more about Akaraka?  Visit their website.  The website includes lyrics and instructional videos to all of the Yonsei cheers.  Very helpful!  http://www.akaraka.org/   The site is only in Korean, sorry.  😦

안녕하세요! Hello!

For the Spring 2010 semester I will be studying abroad at Yonsei Univeristy in Seoul, South Korea.

Many people ask, “Why South Korea?  Why Korean?”

I don’t really have a real answer for that question.  When I first heard the Korean language being spoken I instantly fell in loved and started to teach myself the basics via the internet.   I became so obsessed with the language and culture that when it came time for me to start applying to colleges I knew I wanted to go to a college where I could continue studying Korean.  Stony Brook University was that college.  Though the Korean Studies department is one of the smaller departments at the school, the faculty and staff are wonderful.  I have learned so much from them.

Applying to Yonsei was a lot of work and the process took a very long time.  I started in May and was not accepted until the end of November!

I was happy to find out that a friend from my Korean class also applied and was accepted to Yonsei University.  As it’s my first time flying on a plane, we decided to book the same flights.  We leave February 21.

I hope to update this blog with not only text, but with pictures and videos.  I want to show my friends and family back home what a great and beautiful country South Korea is.

Please feel free to post comments on my blog entries.  It will be nice to hear what you think about my trip. ^.^