Eateries Near SK Global House & KLI

Hungry?  Sick of Cafe Kkini?  Don’t want to walk ALL the way to Sinchon? It’s OK!  There are some great places to eat right near SK Global House and KLI!

1. Lord Sandwich: This building is quite unique.  You’ll definitely see it because it’s kinda oddly shaped.  I can’t say I ever ate at Lord Sandwich, but those who have said it’s amazing.  You do have to pay a bit extra for these amazing sandwiches though.

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Yonsei’s SK Global House

…Ok some of you have been waiting for this.

When I first moved into SK Global House I promised to take pictures and videos of the place.  Yea, I didn’t do that until my LAST day there!  Sorry! >.<  Without further ado:

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Rules of SK Global House

Because many people asked, here are ALL of the SK Global House rules.  These are taken from the booklet I was given when I moved in.  These could change without notice

The House could force eviction to residents who get more than 100 penalty points during the semester (50 during vacation season).

  • Theft (Food in the common refrigerator, mail, laundry and laundry related items, etc) Termination of Occupancy
  • Outrageous and violent behavior Termination of Occupancy
  • The use, possession, and/or distribution of illicit drugs Termination of Occupancy
  • Trespassing Termination of Occupancy
  • Residents many not enter the other genders floor Termination of Occupancy
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