A Month in Review: September 2015

I have decided that instead of posting a ton of mini blog posts about little things I do during the month, I would post a Month In Review at the end of each month that would include all the little things. Larger or longer things I do will still have their own posts.

This first one is obviously LONGGG overdue!  Sorry!

First Night Out

A few days after arriving in Busan I met up with a few other EPIK teachers in the Kyeongseng University area for chi-mek (치맥). Chi-mek means ‘chicken + beer’; in Korean beer is mekju (맥주). Korea knows how to do fried chicken!

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Korea Times

The Korea Times, an English Newspaper in Korea, recently wrote an article titled ‘Must do’ activities for tourists in Seoul. The writer of this article contacted me to let me know that she had used a quote from my ‘Namsan Tower, Makgeolli, and Jimjilbang = Awesome Day!‘ blog entry in the article.  Awesome!

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Namsan Tower, Makgeolli, and Jimjilbang = Awesome Day!

Anneka left to go back to Australia the other day.  T.T  She’ll only be there for three weeks, but that means by the time she gets back I’ll be studying for my final exams and we won’t have much time to hang out.  *depressed*

During my one week vacation between spring semester and summer school Anneka, Louise, Cheryl and I took a trip to Namsan tower.We took the bus there again because its just much easier!  We went later in the day because we wanted to stay and watch the sunset and the lights in the city to come on.  Unfortunately for us the smog level that day was kinda high, but we still enjoyed ourselves!

Wrote my name on the fence at one of the viewing points.  My marker was kinda dead 😦 Continue reading