Today’s Blog

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the episode I recorded for Arirang’s program Today’s Blog.  How many kpop idol groups do you spot in this video?

I was really nervous about watching it and of course I’m criticizing things that I said and did….but overall I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  Thanks again to Hyunwoo Sun and Arirang TV!  Be nice in the comments!  ^^

I hope you guys enjoy it.  As you can see, they had me lie a little about my blog.  In the episode I say that the main purpose of my blog is to post pictures/videos about k-pop idols but you all know that this isn’t true. The purpose of this blog is for me to keep a log of my stay in Korea and to also give tips, advise, and information to people wanting to come study abroad in Korea..  I’m sorry if you are a new reader of my blog and came here to find a blog centered on k-pop and idols because you won’t find much. Yes, I do have some pictures of idols, but they’re not the purpose of this blog.

Anyways, welcome to my new readers.  Leave a comment and say “Hello!” ^^

Filming for Arirang TV Program

Thanks to Hyunwoo Sun I got the chance to be filmed for an Arirang TV program called “Today’s Blog”.  I spent the entire day today filming–minus the two hours that I had a Korean exam (oh my god we’re not going to talk about that hahaha).  I think the program is only about 5 minutes long, but we shot SO much footage!!  I can’t imagine how much footage was used for Lord of the Rings….that movie is friggen LONG!

Anyways.  My episode is going to be all about Korean Pop Idols.  I was kind of worried about doing this topic because I’m not the best fan in the world.  I don’t buy all the CDs and posters (I would if I wasn’t jobless T.T), I don’t know the names of all the members of all the groups, I haven’t memorized all of the lyrics, and I thought a group of Super Junior fans was “Elves” not ‘”E.L.F.’s”.  Oops.  Sorry Anneka >.<  However, I think I did OK!  With a little fudging here and there (like stealing Anneka’s posters to decorate my room) we made it look like I was a more of a K-pop addict than I am…and I’m already a crazy fan, so u can only imagine! haha.

I met the PD (producer) and camera man at COEX mall just before 10.  They ran through with me again what they wanted to film me doing while we waited for the mall to open at 10:30.  The first part of our filming was to take place at Evan Records.

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