Walking and dancing cookies

March 16

JaeChoon told me that I’m to write a short paragraph in Korean everyday.  So, I will try that.  I’ll post them here, since they’ll probably be about my day.  I may write it in English too.  We shall see.  Anyways, I tried to write a paragraph but ended up writing two ‘thoughts’ instead.  I hope that’s OK 선생님! >.< 다음번 잘 할 거예요!

1. 오늘은 문법 수업에서 ‘겠’ 배웠다.  하하.  선생님, 글요일에 나에게 가르치셨다!! 와!   감사합니다!  이 수업이 너무 좋다.  많이 배울 거예요.

2. 미국에서 오른쪽에 걸어 간다.  하지만, 한국에서 삼람들이 왼쪽에 걸어 간다. 지금, 나도 왼쪽에 걸어 간다. ㅎㅎㅎ.

Oh, I want to talk about #2 in English actually.

In America we drive on the right.  They also drive on the right here in Korea.  In America we walk on the right.  However in Korea they walk on the left.  I was told this was because of the Japanese. As you may or may not know, the Japanese occupied Korea for 35 years.  During this time Koreans were forced to speak Japanese and do things the Japanese way.  This included walking on the left (In Japan they drive and walk on the left).  Ok, they probably weren’t forced to do it, it most likely just happened that they conformed to this habit.

These days, apparently there is a movement to have people walk on the right side.  In the subway stations there are arrows telling you to walk on the right.  However some escalators (like the ones at my subway station) are on the left. >.<  It’s really confusing!  Anyways, people still tend to walk on the left when when there are not arrows telling them what side to walk on.  I’ve become accustomed to this too, it’s really weird but it seems very natural now.
End of my random rant!  Sorry!

I keep taking pictures of all the foods and drinks I have, even the snacks, because they just look so cute!

Dr. You nutrition bar.  Nayoung’s dad came today to drop some things off for her including a bunch of these bars.  She gave me one to try.  It was pretty good!  Now I’ll be on a hunt for these.  At Stony Brook I would eat the Luna Bars because they were high in fiber and therefore make you less hungry.  These don’t have as much fiber, but I’ll still be on a hunt for them.  If I can find these, I’m sure there will be other nutrition bars nearby.  I learned the word for fiber: 식이섬유 shi-ki-soe-myoo and I learned the word for fat: 지방  ji-bang.  These’ll be a nice factor in helping me pick healthier more filling foods.  Yay!

서울우유.  seo-ul oo-yoo.  Seoul Milk.
Nayoung’s dad also brought her a case of this.  Wow.  He is so kind.  Nayoung gave me one of these too.  Yum!  No fiber 😦  Haha.

Nayoung was also eating these cookies today.  She was nice enough to let me try one and even take pictures.  They are called 칸쵸 kan-chyo.

They are little round cookies with chocolate on the inside.  They each have little pictures on them (Of course in my pictures all but two of them are upside down >.<).  Some of the pictures match up with the pictures on those pink and white squares on the box.  If you get those cookies, you’re supposed to do what the box says.  One of them says “Make your signigigant other jealous” another says “run up to your significant other and suprise them”.  On the top it says that these are supposed to be ways to end one-sided love.  haha.  I don’t think they’ll really work, but it’s still cute.

Isn’t that adorable????  *melts*