Eateries Near SK Global House & KLI

Hungry?  Sick of Cafe Kkini?  Don’t want to walk ALL the way to Sinchon? It’s OK!  There are some great places to eat right near SK Global House and KLI!

1. Lord Sandwich: This building is quite unique.  You’ll definitely see it because it’s kinda oddly shaped.  I can’t say I ever ate at Lord Sandwich, but those who have said it’s amazing.  You do have to pay a bit extra for these amazing sandwiches though.

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Awesome People!!

Edit:  I need to stop writing blogs at 4AM!!  Edited with some grammar/spelling mistakes!  Sorryy.

Last week….I think… Actually I have no idea.  I’ve been so busy and my days have been so long that my sense of time is so off these days!  I thought this morning happened yesterday, but in fact it was today.

Anyways, one night Hyunwoo invited me to a little gathering he was having to meet some bloggers, Korean learners, and teachers in Hongdae.  Originally I was just going to say “Hello” and meet everyone because I had a tutor class shortly after.  However when I arrived in Hongdae my student sent me a message saying that she wouldn’t be able to have the lesson so I was able to stay for dinner. Woot! Continue reading