Immigration, Shopping, and poop?

March 3-6
This entry is mostly going to be just a bunch of pictures.

Started Classes Tuesday.  I think I said that already (too lazy to go back and check >.<).  On Thurday Klara came to my Beginner 3 class and refused to leave.  The teachers really didn’t even care, they just went with it.

I bought all of my school books.  They are MUCH cheaper than buying text books in America.  Two of my “text books” are copies of books.  Pretty sure it’s illegal.  Who knows.  It’s Korea.

My books for Korean class.  They are all specially made for Yonsei.  So far I think these books are really the best Korean books I’ve ever seen!

Textbook (2 books actually), Workbook, Reading book

From the reading book.

From the workbook.

From the textbook.  COLOR!!!!!! YAYY!!

copy of some grammar workbook for my Grammar class.

This book contains a history book and literature books.  The history book is terribly boring to read.

Hello again Kapitan Ri (Captain Lee).  I read this and many of the other stories in my Korean Studies book last semester in my Korean Lit class.  Ugh!

I eat a lot of this Yoplait yogurt.  Isn’t the little spoon so cute!!!  This is the plus size yogurt.  The normal size is like 5 of these.  I think this size is like 1 and a half of our yogurts.

Apple Yogurt.  Yumm!! Never had it before.

Went here Saturday to make appointments to get our Foreigner Registration cards.  CLOSED.  What???

Clara and I went to Insadong and Myeongdon Saturday afternoon.  This was in Insadong.  Can you guess what it is?  Usually the name is in English.  First time to see it in Korean.  P.S. WHITE GUY!  Hello!!  Haha!

When you pass other white people in Seoul you always stare at each other for an unnecessarily long time. It’s weird…

They were handing these postcards out for free in Myeongdong.  They’re from the Andy Worhol Museum.

These postcards will be sent out soon!

No, it’s not poop! Nayoung bought some sugar cleansing mask from this place called Skin Food….or something like this. She made me use it with her. Felt so weird! But after my skin felt really clean and smooth! ^^ Looks horrible tho doesn’t it?? hahah.  After this we put on this thing called Intensive Water.  Then you put on wrinkle cream.  This is apparently the simple version of the daily makeup routine of Korean girls.   …Wow.

Bought a coffee mug so I can make tea instead of wasting money on tea and hot chocolate.  Right now it’s a book end until I buy a sponge and soap to clean it.

March 7

Jay was one of the students I mentored at Stony Brook.  I met up with him today at 11am.

We went to Dongdaemoon.  A HUGE shopping district.  Holy crap.  The streets are lined with shopping “malls”. Acording to a website there are 30 malls.  We went into the two largest ones.  One was called Hello aPM and the other Migliore.  The first three floors on both of the buildings are all womens’ clothing.  It’s not your typical mall.  There are little individual…i dont know what to call them.  Cubicle?  We’ll go what that.  So each cubicle is it’s own little store.  The prices are really cheap.  They sell a lot of knock offs here.  I saw a lot of “Pink” clothing.  Of course they have Marc Jacobs, Coach, Gucci, etc, knock offs too.

I really want to buy a shirt with bad English on it.  There were a lot, but the best one I found was “Whatcoes around comes around”.  I know there are better bad English shirts out there….I will find you!

I didn’t take these pictures I found them on the web.  You really cant tell how packed in all these clothes are.  Moving through the aisles is really difficult.

Looks exactly like this….but brightly lit.

So on the floors with woman clothing, if you look at their cubicle the seller will maybe say “안녕하세요”  Hello.  Or they might say that they are having a sale.  However we went up to the mens floor and if felt like I was in a totally different place. Immediately the sellers were talking to us quickly. “Couple tee. Couple tee.” They kept saying.  (Couple tee, meaning shirts for couples.  Couples wearing matching clothes/items is really popular here.  It’s mostly for high schoolers I think, but I’ve seen some older couples do it too.  Older couples usually just go as far as wearing colors that compliment each other.) Some were even grabbing at us pulling us toward their cubicle.  If they happened to have a corner cubicle they would follow us around the corner until we were out of site.  Doesn’t help that I was a foreigner too.

After walking around for a long while just looking we went out to eat some lunch!  No idea what the name of the place was.  The guy sitting at the table next to us kept staring.  Still can’t get used to that.

묵은지 김치찜. mokeunji kimchi jjim.It’s really spicy soup with ‘really old kimchi’, tofu, meat, and veggies. YUMMMM.  Of course it came with side dishes as well.

After eating we walked back toward the shopping malls and walked through the underground shopping tunnel.  Not as cool and as packed as the shopping malls.  This led us to Cheonggye Stream.  This is a stream in Seoul that used to be covered by a road.  They recently took out the road and the stream came back.  It’s called a miracle by the residents.  Now it’s a pretty stream with paths on both sides that you can walk along for a few miles (I’m sure).

Map of the area around the stream where we were.

Dongdaemoon shopping malls on both sides.

The stream led us to the subway were we went to visit the  Namsan Hanok Villiage. Hanok are the old traditional houses of Korea.

“Five differing yangban stone, wood and tile houses from Joseon era have been moved here from different parts of Seoul.  The architecture and furnityre are austere and plain, and conjure up the lost world of Conficuan gentlemen scholars, who wielded calligraphy brushes rather than swords.
Weavers, cooks, calligraphers and kitemakers can be spotted at the weekend, while rice-wine brewing and traditional music take place some evenings.  At Chuseok (Harvest Festival) half of Seoul squashes in here for the traditional performances and festival atmosphere.”  (Lonely Planet : Seoul City Guide Book pg. 55)

Namsan Hanok Village entrance.

In the spring you put these calligraphy messages on the front door.

Jay demonstrating how the “treadmill” works.

Is it too difficult to read??  sorry >.<

City and mountains

It was starting to get really cold and windy so we headed to a coffee shop.  I can’t believe how friggen often people go to coffee shops!  Guess where we went?!

Went to Tom N Toms again!  ^^

I thought the day would end here.  But Jay said he wanted to show me Coex mall.

“This vast underground maze of a mall is a top shopping and entertainment attraction that incorportates food courts, a department store, four hotels, the COEX Convention Centre, World Trade Centre”, and COEX Aquarium, Kimchi Museum, Megabox Movie Theater, and much more. (pg 68)

‘Vast underground maze’ is right.  The mall is really pretty.  But it’s so dark!  We got lost a lot because the place is just so friggen big.  I finally bought something all day.  A book.  We found a HUGE bookstore called Bandi & Luni’s.  They had a realllly big English section, so I decided to pick out a book.

Bought a book because i’ve been itching to read something. I never got to finish this, but I loved the half I read so I decided to just buy it. They wrapped it like this instead of giving me a bag. More echo friendly? Maybe. Cute? Yes. I friggen love Korea for it’s little things like this.

When you buy books they stamp them with the date. …..No idea why.

Eventually we were hungry again.  My craving for pizza still hadn’t been fulfilled, so when I saw pizza I was sold immediately.

PIZZA!!!!!! I missed you! Finally fulfilled my craving for it. No, it’s not Korean pizza…it’s that crappy pizza you can get at the Trumbull mall.  Maybe next time.

This scary statue was next to us while we were eating.  Everyone was trying to get their coins in the pot. No one succeeded while I was there.

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