Guide to EPIK: Apostilled Diploma Guide (USA only)


Acquiring your apostilled diploma can be another lengthy, but simple, process. Therefore it is a good idea to start this process as soon as you find out you made it to the interview stage.

Note 1: If you will be using a MA diploma as proof for a pay level increase, you need to get that apsotilled as well.

Note 2: You cannot send your CRC to be apostiled with your diplomas!! That must be notarized at the federal level with the Department of State, not the state level with your state’s Secretary of the State. Continue reading


Guide to EPIK: Acronyms and Terms


There are a lot of acronyms and terms that are associated with applying to EPIK. These might seem confusing at first if you are unfamiliar with the application process. I also use many of these acronyms and terms in my Guide to EPIK posts. Therefore, I created this little list to help you keep track of them all! I tried to put each term and acronym in the order of which you will come across it during the application process.  Continue reading