Guide to EPIK: Interview Guide and Tips


Your interview is the first really big part of the EPIK application process. But don’t worry! I’m going to give you some helpful tips to get through it!

When I think about the EPIK interview process, I think about it in four parts: pre-interview, the day of the interview and actual interview, the follow up interview, post-interview.

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Thursday May 13th marked the end of the May festivities at Yonsei.  The big ending event was AKARAKA (which I gave some facts about in my last blog).  I went with the Mentors Club group which meant that I was a VIP.  We were supposed to meet with the club at 11am, however I didn’t show up until after 3pm because I didn’t want to miss my morning classes (I had a midterm due).  A friend called me to tell me where I needed to go and when she said VIP I pictured comfy seats in a less crazy section of the amphitheater.  WRONG.  VIP meant we were the ones standing right in front of the stage!  Yea, we had to stand for 7 hours, my feet are still hurting, but it was SO worth it!

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