The Quest for the Perfect Kimbap

My American friends all know how delicious kimbap 김밥 is because I forced them all to try it at some point and got them all addicted to its amazingness. One of the things I was most excited about doing when returning to Korea was eating a whole lot of Kimbap! What is kimbap? It looks like sushi, but it’s not. It’s better!

Initially I had a pretty hard time finding a kimbap place near me. I even mentioned this to a teacher at my school and the next day there were three rolls of kimbap on my desk! I have no idea where he got this kimbap, but it was amazingggg! Even the other Korean teachers I shared it with were saying how good it was. I need to find out where he got it.

I was also given some peach. My coteachers love to feed all sorts of snacks at school.

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Breakfast for Lunch in Sinchon

Today Nayoung and I decided to have breakfast for lunch in Sinchon.  When another friend and I went to Honey Berries back in February I saw their huge selection of waffles and pancakes so I had always wanted to return there to try it out.

Nayoung and I split the Ice Cream Pancakes.  You get two scoops of ice cream, banana slices, and syrup on the side with two good sized pancakes.  There were about 5 or six ice cream choices to choose from and maybe 4 syrup choices.  We decided on Strawberry and Vanilla ice cream with the strawberry syrup. The pancakes were far from the best pancakes in the world, but I was so happy to eat pancakes….and just American breakfast in general.  I’m so sick of plain bread for breakfast.  I think this meal was just under W7000.  Surely good for two people on a date or a filling breakfast for one.  Oh, and they do have regular syrup for you to use as well.  (Not as tasty as the Vermont syrup T.T)

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