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If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the episode I recorded for Arirang’s program Today’s Blog.  How many kpop idol groups do you spot in this video?

I was really nervous about watching it and of course I’m criticizing things that I said and did….but overall I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  Thanks again to Hyunwoo Sun and Arirang TV!  Be nice in the comments!  ^^

I hope you guys enjoy it.  As you can see, they had me lie a little about my blog.  In the episode I say that the main purpose of my blog is to post pictures/videos about k-pop idols but you all know that this isn’t true. The purpose of this blog is for me to keep a log of my stay in Korea and to also give tips, advise, and information to people wanting to come study abroad in Korea..  I’m sorry if you are a new reader of my blog and came here to find a blog centered on k-pop and idols because you won’t find much. Yes, I do have some pictures of idols, but they’re not the purpose of this blog.

Anyways, welcome to my new readers.  Leave a comment and say “Hello!” ^^


Yonsei’s SK Global House

…Ok some of you have been waiting for this.

When I first moved into SK Global House I promised to take pictures and videos of the place.  Yea, I didn’t do that until my LAST day there!  Sorry! >.<  Without further ado:

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Hanok Homestay Program

(Updated with a few extra pictures by Jamie!   ….and corrected some spelling errors >.<)

This weekend I had the opportunity–thanks to Hyunwoo Sun!–to participate in a Hanok Homestay program by  Here is rundown of the program via their brochure because I’m too lazy to re-write everything yesterday that WordPress deleted on me!  Anyways, haha:

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live in a traditional Korean house (“hanok”), now is your chance to find out. Participants in this exciting new ‘hanok stay’ program will learn how to make traditional Korean food, enjoy the chance to try on “hanbok” (traditional Korean apparel) and be treated to a guided tour of Bukchon Hanok Village. Each participant will also stay overnight with a host family in their traditional Korean-style residence, where they’ll learn even more about the local culture while also enjoying warm Korean hospitality and experiencing the unique lifestyle of hanok residents. Don’t miss this chance for an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind cultural experience.

Tour itinerary (2 days and 1 night / Up to 20 participants)
Date: Every Saturday (From May, 2010 to November, 2010)

14:00 ~ 16:00
○ Walking tour of Bukchon Hanok Village (English and Japanese narration)
@ Bukchon Hanok Village
16:00 ~ 19:00
○ Lessons on how to make Korean traditional dishes (kimchi, bulgogi etc.) – Chance to try on a hanbok; free entry to the Tteok (Rice Cake) Museum
@ Institute of Traditional Korean Food
19:00 ~ 22:00
○ Hanok stay (1 Night)
– Activities will vary depending on the host family but may include demonstrations of Korea’s traditional tea ceremony and/or calligraphy lessons
@ a Homestay House
09:00 ~ 10:00
○ Breakfast:
Western-style (toast, coffee, milk and cereal) or Korean-style (soup, rice, side dishes)
@ a Homestay House

Cost: 65,500 WON (VAT included)

□ Advisory
○ Owing to the age and traditional design of some hanoks, room and shower facilities may not meet
Western residential standards.

I met M.J.–she is who you should contact if you want to participate in this homestay. See the VERY bottom of this post– and the other participants at Anguk station (orange line, exit 2) before starting the tour of the Bukchon Hanok Village.

(Note: The photos in this blog post were accidentally deleted. I have tried to add them but, but 5 years later it was difficult to remember which photos belonged to which houses, so please forgive me if there are photos in the wrong places. I tried my best!)
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Thursday May 13th marked the end of the May festivities at Yonsei.  The big ending event was AKARAKA (which I gave some facts about in my last blog).  I went with the Mentors Club group which meant that I was a VIP.  We were supposed to meet with the club at 11am, however I didn’t show up until after 3pm because I didn’t want to miss my morning classes (I had a midterm due).  A friend called me to tell me where I needed to go and when she said VIP I pictured comfy seats in a less crazy section of the amphitheater.  WRONG.  VIP meant we were the ones standing right in front of the stage!  Yea, we had to stand for 7 hours, my feet are still hurting, but it was SO worth it!

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Clazziquai 클래지콰이

When I got back from my Korean class Nayoung told me that Clazziquai was coming to Yonsei for a performance later on.  I squealed and begged her for more details.

The event started at 6pm, but I didn’t show up until after 6:30 because I knew that Clazziquai would be the closing part of the event.  The event was…I don’t even know what it was.  It was held by Yonsei Broadcasting Station though.  They showed a lot of funny commercials that YSB made.  They played games on the stage with people from the audience and gave away awesome prizes like a netbook computer and iPod.  The event was held in the “forest” of Yonsei, so there were no seats, everyone had to sit on the ground. They were nice enough to give us pieces of cardboard boxes to sit on though! ^^ Trees were an issue when trying to film and take pictures >.<

The hosts were all dressed up in fancy clothes.

Right and Wrong game.

By 8pm my butt was really starting to hurt and I was getting really cold.  “Should I leave?” kept running through my mind.  But then, guess what appeared… Continue reading