Korean School Lunches

As an EPIK teacher you are entitled to lunch at school everyday. It is not free, but it is very cheap at about 3,000won per meal. You can opt-out of these lunches if you don’t like them.

I decided to give school lunches a try for a while before deciding if I wanted to continue or opt-out. After a few trial weeks I decided to continue with the school lunch because they are pretty good! The food isn’t always amazing, but we all know I’m super lazy and there’s no way I’m waking up extra early to make lunch when the school lunch is perfectly fine!

I spoke to one coteacher about the preparation of school lunch. Unlike most public schools in America that just heat up frozen nuggets, she said that Korean cafeteria staff make all the school lunches.  I’m sure there are a few things that are frozen and heated up, but as far as I can tell most of our food is freshly made and prepared by the cafeteria staff. Continue reading


The Quest for the Perfect Kimbap

My American friends all know how delicious kimbap 김밥 is because I forced them all to try it at some point and got them all addicted to its amazingness. One of the things I was most excited about doing when returning to Korea was eating a whole lot of Kimbap! What is kimbap? It looks like sushi, but it’s not. It’s better!

Initially I had a pretty hard time finding a kimbap place near me. I even mentioned this to a teacher at my school and the next day there were three rolls of kimbap on my desk! I have no idea where he got this kimbap, but it was amazingggg! Even the other Korean teachers I shared it with were saying how good it was. I need to find out where he got it.

I was also given some peach. My coteachers love to feed all sorts of snacks at school.

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Pizza Uncle

After school one day last week, my managing co-teacher took me outside of Busan to get what she called “the best pizza”. It was maybe a 40 minute drive from school (traffic!). We weren’t in Busan anymore, instead we were in Ulsan. This area wasn’t in the big city of Ulsan, it was a village on the coast called Seoseang (서생).

It was a really rainy and gloomy day, but somehow that made it atmosphere seem better! We pulled up to the restaurant called Pizza Samchon (피자 삼촌), or “Pizza Uncle”. This was my coteacher’s third visit to this restaurant. She realllly likes it and says that it is worth the ride.

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The Study Abroad Portion of This Blog Has Concluded.

Hey everyone!

The study abroad portion of this blog has concluded. It has been 5 years since I was in Korea studying at Yonsei University (…WHAT?!?!).   Thank you to everyone who has read this blog and e-mailed me questions. I will still get emails from people who find my blog and I love reading your emails about getting accepted to Yonsei’s exchange program and answering you questions. Because it has been so long since I was in Korea, I no longer feel comfortable answering questions related to studying in Korea or Yonsei because what I had known is probably very different now! I do have plans to return to Korea to teach English, and when I do I will post here with updates!

Thank you again!


Eateries Near SK Global House & KLI

Hungry?  Sick of Cafe Kkini?  Don’t want to walk ALL the way to Sinchon? It’s OK!  There are some great places to eat right near SK Global House and KLI!

1. Lord Sandwich: This building is quite unique.  You’ll definitely see it because it’s kinda oddly shaped.  I can’t say I ever ate at Lord Sandwich, but those who have said it’s amazing.  You do have to pay a bit extra for these amazing sandwiches though.

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Going to Sanggojae

Someone asked me for directions on how to get to Sanggojae, the house featured in Personal Taste.  I just want to add that you can’t go into the house.  You can only stand outside the house.

There are lots of other beautiful houses in the area that you should check out.  Make sure to bring your camera!! The hanok village is really a beautiful place!  And you’ll have a great view of the city, as this area is situated on a hill.

Click to go under the cut and see the map about how to get to the house… Continue reading

Going to Music Shows in Korea

I’ve received a LOT of e-mails from you guys asking me how I got to watch these music shows.  I thought I gave enough information in my blog posts, but I guess not?  In this post I’ll try to give as much information as I can!

M-Wave (click here for website)

M-Wave is a pretty new music show which airs on Arirang TV all over the world.  Since it’s new, not a lot of the REALLY famous people appear on it.  However, there may be one or two well known artists/groups that appear each episode.  You’re probably thinking, “Then what’s the point of going?”  The point is you can get it.  Not a lot of people show up.  So it’ll be pretty easy for you to get in. Continue reading

Good Bye Seoul….

Yes folks, it’s that depressing time. These past 5 months have included some of the best days of my life. I’ve done so many amazing things, gotten amazing opportunities, saw many amazing places and through it all I tried my best to inform you of all the little details so that you could feel that you had been there with me.

I’m leaving Korea on Sunday August 1st, 2010. Today’s Friday. I’m already really depressed. I just had my graduation ceremony for the Summer Special Program at Yonsei University. From now until Sunday I’ll be running like a mad women all over Seoul trying to meet my friends one last time and say my good-byes. Who knows when I will be able to see them again. So, with that said, please don’t expect any more blog updates until after I return to the USA. I have MANY MANY blog posts that need to be posted. Many videos need to be edited and posted. Many pictures need to be uploaded as well. I have some “How to…..” posts lined up as well. I’ll be jet lagged and awake during odd hours of the night/morning so I’ll have plenty of time to post everything. I promise 🙂

Please continue to ask me questions even though I’m leaving here. I’ll still remember everything 🙂

❤ See you on the other side of the world.