Hong Kong Disneyland

If you know me at all, you know that I am a HUGE Disney fan. So when my friends and I decided to visit Hong Kong in January 2018, I demanded a day for Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL). Here are some of the things I learned while planning for our trip and while at the parks.



HKDL is currently undergoing a long and pretty thorough refurbishment. Over the next few years, different attractions are going to be getting face lift and a new Frozen themed land will be added. The castle refurbishment has already started. We were very lucky that we caught the castle 2 days before the walls went up around it. So be prepared for some closures and walls up around the park. Check the official HKDL website (and fan sites) to see what’s closed during your trip.


Tickets direct from HKDL website or parks cost HK$619 (US$79). But we used the website Klook to book our tickets for HK$526 (US$67)! That’s over US$10 in savings! If you’re going with a family, that’s a lot of savings!

*Don’t forget: ALL HKDL tickets include FastPass. You do NOT need to purchase this separately. Only 3 rides have FP at HKDL (Ironman Experience, Hyperspace Mountain, and Winnie the Pooh) but they do come in handy so don’t forget to take advantage of that! Continue reading


Useful Links and Apps for Foreigners in Korea

I have put together a list of websites and apps that I use in Korea and Busan. App links go to iTunes. If you want Android versions, you can google them yourself ^.^


Kakao Talk (App) (Desktop): Koreans don’t text, they Kakao. Free texting, free calling, free video chatting. The emoticons are also fun (though many you do need to pay for).

Naver Dictionary (App): A dictionary/translator for single words or short phrases. For long translations people use Google Translate (though most often it is just jibberish).

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Packing for Korea

I’m throwing this post up super quick. I really wanted to get this up fast because I know a lot of you have started preparing to pack!!

Winter camp is kicking my butt and I’m a lot busier than I thought I would be. Therefore, I don’t have time to read though this really carefully. I’m sure there are a million spelling/grammar errors, possibly some sentences unfinished or out of place because I wrote this post maybe two weeks ago and just added a few things.Don’t judge me for this mess of a post hahaha! I’m sure I also forgot a bunch of important things. Please comment and I will add them!



I brought a 3-piece luggage set that was a gift from my aunt and uncle. On the plane I brought the smallest suitcase (for anything valuable and my computer) plus a backpack (for anything I would be needing on the plane). The two larger suitcases were checked in. Inside my largest case, the Vera Bradly weekender bag was packed with all my bath/medicine related items, that way the bag wasn’t taking up wasted space. This bag is also lined, so if anything spilled it wouldn’t ruin the bag or leak out onto any clothes.

Something not pictured was the Lewis N. Clark luggage strap. I strapped together my two smallest bags so going through the airport, hotel, orientation dorm building was super easy. I now use the luggage strap to tie the Vera Bradly bag to whatever luggage I’m using when I travel with less baggage. It’s really useful. Continue reading

Chuseok in Ulsan

Ok! I am finally going to update about my Chuseok holiday weekend! Better late than never right?!

What is Chuseok?

Chuseok is often compared to Thanksgiving. Both are celebrations of harvest. While Americans give thanks for all the good things in our lives, Koreans give thanks to their ancestors  and preform ancestral rites ceremonies.

Chuseok is on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, so every year the date changes. This year Chuseok was September 27th. The holiday is actually celebrated for 3 days–the day before, the day of, and the day after–and are considered “red days”, meaning no one goes to school or work. This year the three days fell on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We were also given Tuesday as a red day, called a Holiday Makeup Day. The explanation I was given for this was because the holiday fell during the weekend when people already don’t work. So, we all had a 4-day holiday weekend! Continue reading