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I know the new wave of EPIKers are starting to prepare for moving to Korea. I’m sure you all have lots of questions and I want to answer them! Please comment below with any questions or potential blog post ideas that you are interested in!

❤ Natasha


EPIK Orientation

The Fall 2015 EPIK Orientation was at the KT Human Resources Development Center in Daejeon. It lasted from August 18th to 26th. The purpose of the orientation is to help new EPIK teachers transition into their new lives living in Korea and teaching Korean children.

*this post is quite long and veryyyyy photo heavy!


2/16/16: The EPIK February 2016 orientation is being organized quite differently. Obviously my photos of the campus in this post will not be relevant to this orientation, however the content of the orientation seems to be the same. There are three different orientation venues based on location. Venue 1: Kyonggi University (Gwangju, Daejeon,Ulsan, Sejong, Gangwon, Chunbuk, Chungnam, Gyeongbuk, Jeonbuk, and National Schools). Venue 2: Busan University of Foreign Studies (Busan, Daegu, Gyeongnam). Venue 3: Gongju University (Seoul, Gyeonggi).I think splitting the orientation up like this is a great idea as the lectures can be geared more towards your area. I do wonder though, if the quality will be the same. The dates of the three orientations are slightlyyy staggered, but all the lecturers cannot be in the same place at the same time.

It will be interesting to see if they will do a split orientation for the Aug ’16 intake as well.


EPIK provided buses from Incheon Airport to the orientation site between 11am and I believe 8pm. If you arrived outside those times, it was your responsibility to find your way to Daejeon by bus or train (directions were posted on the facebook group).

I arrived in Korea the night before the start of orientation and stayed in a hotel near the airport. The following day I woke up, ate breakfast, installed my new Korean sim card, and made my way back to the airport on my hotel’s shuttle bus.

I checked in at the EPIK counter and was given a bus boarding number. My bus was the second one to leave Incheon airport at about 11:30am. The ride to Daejeon was a couple hours and I spent most of the time working on my airplane and hotel blog.


We all stayed in dorm-style rooms right on campus in a building called “Living Center B” (or maybe it was A?). As we entered the lobby of the building, we received our name tags which would also be our ticket to meals. Next we were assigned a room number and a roommate. Our roommates were determined by whoever the person of the same sex was behind or in front of you. And guess what, my roommate’s name was Tasha! Continue reading