Guide to Everything EPIK

Applying to EPIK is a long and confusing process. Applicants generally have many questions, and it’s difficult to get straight answers from a single source. I hope that the posts in this guide will help future applicants have an easier and less-stressful time applying to EPIK than those before them.

Disclaimer: These posts were written from my experiences as a successful applicant during the Fall 2015 EPIK intake. Future processes or forms may differ. Always read EPIK’s instructions first as they are “law”. use my information as a supplement only if it applies.

Applying to EPIK

1. EPIK Acronyms and Terms
2. Things EPIK Doesn’t Tell You (at least not straight away!) 
3. My EPIK Timeline 
4. Interview Guide and Tips
5. Required Documents: Checklist and Summary 
6. Apostilled CRC Guide
7. Apostilled Diploma Guide
8. Visa Application Process


1. Online Pre-Orientation 
2. On-Site Orientation
3. Lesson Demonstration
4. Online In-Service Training



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