Useful Links and Apps for Foreigners in Korea

I have put together a list of websites and apps that I use in Korea and Busan. App links go to iTunes. If you want Android versions, you can google them yourself ^.^


Kakao Talk (App) (Desktop): Koreans don’t text, they Kakao. Free texting, free calling, free video chatting. The emoticons are also fun (though many you do need to pay for).

Naver Dictionary (App): A dictionary/translator for single words or short phrases. For long translations people use Google Translate (though most often it is just jibberish).


Subway Korea (App): Updated regularly with the latest maps and times for subways in Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Daegu, and Gwangju. It also has three language settings: Korean, English, and Chinese.

Daum Map (App): Google Maps is useless in Korea because it hasn’t been updated in years. Besides using this to look up locations of things, this is a great transportation app. I use this app more than the subway app. I often take the bus because Busan’s subway route isn’t as large as Seoul’s. The app gives routes using subway, bus, or both. It even gives arrival times for buses so you know how long you have to wait.  I also use this to track my taxi driver to make sure they are bringing me to the right place and not ripping me off by driving crazy routes.

Daum Map For Dummies: Daum Map website and app are both in Korean. This site goes through how to use Daum Maps really clearly.

Korean Rail : Purchase tickets and find the schedule for Korea’s high-speed train, KTX, and other trains.

Korean Transportation: Time schedules and prices for all the inter-city trains and buses. (This is just for searching, you cannot purchase tickets on this site.)


Kimbab Nara Menu in English: Even if you want to visit a different Kimbap place, most of the items are the same. You can easily use this to help translate another menu.

200 Korean Menu Guide (App): If you are knew to Korean food, this is an app where you can look up categories of dishes and also specific dishes in Korean and English.

McDelivery (App): Order McDonald’s delivery to your apartment and in English! (I remember I had difficulty entering my address on either the app or website, but it worked perfectly fine on the other.)

Yogiyo: Korea has food delivery for everything! Calling the restaurants is scary if you can’t speak Korean! But! There is an app to order food delivery from many different Korean restaurants. This app is only in Korean, however here is a blog post by The Naked Foreigner that explains how to use the app! If you can read basic Korean, you will have no problems!

배달의민족: Another food delivery app. Has some different places from Yogiyo.

Busan Food: This Facebook group is great for finding great food in new parts of the city and sharing your own finds!


Gmarket (App): The Amazon of Korea. They also have a global site so you can do all your shopping in English! Most Korean banks won’t give you a debit card that works for online shopping, so when purchasing something you can opt to pay by bank transfer. It is sooo easy! Eatyourkimchi uploaded a video on how to use Gmarket, because it is a litttttttle confusing at first!


Change Computer and/or Office Language to English : In my case, I wasn’t able to download the language pack without paying $25. However, I was able to get at least the tool tips (the popups that explain what different buttons are) in English. It’s not the fastest way, but it definitely speeds up the process at least a little!


Sidereel (App): OK, this isn’t Korea specific, but I use it all the time. Living on the other side of the world, you end up losing track of your favorite TV shows. I’ve been using Sidereel for yearsss to track what shows I’m watching and which episodes I have seen. You can track your shows, then tick off all the episodes or seasons you have watched. Sidereel also displays your custom TV calendar so you can see what new episodes are coming out that week, and you can change your timezone so that the show times are accurate for Korea. (The website is better than the app!)


Busan Haps: News about Busan and Korea in English.

Busan eFM: An English radio station in Busan


Busan Awesome : This site has some really useful stuff. It isn’t updated anymore, so a lot of the restaurants are now closed. But it still has a lot of nice information about different things to do in different areas of the city.

Area Specific Facebook Groups: There are groups for different areas of the city. People post about new restaurants or events happening. People leaving also sell many things for cheap prices. I know of the PNU and Jangsan groups. There is also Expats in Busan andBusan EPIK.

What did I miss?

❤ Natasha


2 thoughts on “Useful Links and Apps for Foreigners in Korea

  1. meraydo says:

    Thanks for all the info! So helpful!!!
    I just wanna suggest one thing to add to your list~I moved to korea just about a week ago and I was struggling with finding a place to live 😦 but one of my expat friends recommended me a website,! The key money in korea is kind of crazy and I was pretty skeptical about that but they explained the korean real estate process to me really well found me a place to live close by my school and within my budget! I would totally recommend them to you and your followers~

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