Blog Post Requests


I know the new wave of EPIKers are starting to prepare for moving to Korea. I’m sure you all have lots of questions and I want to answer them! Please comment below with any questions or potential blog post ideas that you are interested in!

❤ Natasha

3 thoughts on “Blog Post Requests

  1. okkasia says:

    Hey! I’m going over in Feb and want to start making lists of what to pack. What are some things you wish you had brought from home, and some that you should’ve left behind?

  2. Annemone says:

    Thanks for offering! I’m not actually headed over ’til August, but there’s one question I’m having trouble answering: Is there a teaching “uniform” at your school? I don’t mean an actual uniform, of course, but I know a lot of schools in the U.S. expect male teachers to wear something like khakis and a button-down shirt, and female teachers to wear nice slacks/dresses, etc. At my current job I have to wear a suit every day – so I’m certainly hoping to take a break from that! 😀

  3. Chloeoe says:

    I second the questions about common teaching attire. Also info about whether anyone you know in EPIK brought pets or have gotten pets while over there. Things to bring for the apartment too. Mostly packing questions! 🙂

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