New Apartment!

I have some amazing news: 1 week ago I moved into a new apartment!

Confused?  The apartment I was living in when I arrived in Busan had mold because of a leak somewhere in the building. The landlord didn’t really care or bother to make an effort to fix it. I would clean the mold, but every time it rained heavily the wall would get moist and the mold would return. There were even a couple days were I could hear the water dripping inside the wall! >.< I got sick with bronchitis and pharyngitis back in the middle of October and could not get over it for. When I was still sick and coughing weeks and weeks later, my school decided to move me. Actually, my coteacher’s had been trying to get me to move for a few weeks. But me being me, I stupidly felt bad about moving out and kept saying “No, it’s OK.” My co-teachers, principal, vice-principal, and the school office manager are amazing people. I am so lucky that they care about me so much and help me as much as they do!

My new apartment in a high-rise building which is slightly closer to my school. Instead of taking both the train and a bus, I now only need to take the bus to school. That alone has been really nice! It is still really close to the Pusan National University area (PNU) that I can walk there in about 15 minutes and still visit all my favorite cafes, shops, and restaurants.

The apartment itself is really nice. I believe the building is only a year or two old, so everything is in really great condition.


View of the main room.

As you can see my room is pretty large!! …And also quite empty at the moment.

How do you like my makeshift desk/bedside table? >.<  Also: Ignore the awkward curtain that is too short. It’s from the previous apartment and will be replaced with appropriate ones soon!

The stickers on the windows are from the previous occupant. They are meant to block anyone from seeing into the apartment while still allowing light in. Personally, I like being able to see out the windows so I removed the sticker off one of the windows (and added some Christmas gel decorations that my mom sent me!).  New curtains are definitely on my list of things to buy!


The kitchen and entrance  area.

I actually have a kitchen!!  Not that I actually cook a lot… but it’s so nice to have more space, especially for storage. Previously I had one cabinet. Now I have 2 cabinets and a panty! (Which is in a photo later in the post.)


The top of the shoe closet.

To the left when you enter the apartment is a “shoe closet”. I’m using this top section of the closet  for storage of bigger items like my toilet paper and paper towels. Inside the two drawers are my scarves and eventually gloves (which I really need to buy soon! it’s getting sooo cold!).


The bottom of the shoe cabinet.

The bottom half is where I store my shoes. The umbrella holder on the left makes me soooo happy!


Please remove your shoes!

The entry area has a full length mirror, something I  definitely missed having.


Bathroom (This photo was taken before my deep-clean, so ignore the mess and really dirty glass.

I love my new bathroom so much! There is a separate showing section so now the entire bathroom doesn’t get absolutely soaked when I shower. Behind the mirrors are shelves; no more rotting wood medicine cabinet! There is a fan instead of a window! No more showering in the freezing cold!



I love how much storage this apartment has! From right to left: 2 closet, fridge/freezer, pantry.



There is plenty of space for food. I was really happy that the microwave fit on the shelves so it doesn’t take up room on my kitchen counter. There’s also a plug in the wall behind it.  (Note the boxes of cereals my mom sent form America! <3)

The bottom half had a rolling table which I have moved to another part of the apartment. This area is now my cleaning supplies storage. The papers hanging on the inside of the bottom door are my washer and heating translations 😀


Fridge and freezer.

Lots of bread for PBJ! 😀


Closet #1

My favorite part of this closet is the jewelry organizer (I’m not even sure that’s what it’s for…but that is how I’m using it).  The ironing board is part of the built-in and rolls in and out of the closet.

The bottom shelves are a mess…. >.< It’s all still a work in progress!!


Closet #2

Most of my clothes are in this closet. The hanging sweater box is too long, but whatever, it was super cheap from Daiso!  The drawer on the bottom is my pajamas and tanktops.


TV area

I bought this TV off someone leaving Korea. The rolling table is from the pantry and is now my TV stand / desk supplies storage / electronics storage / bookshelf.


Security and heating

My new security system is really cool! Guests or delivery men can call me from the entrance or hallway and I can see their photo before buzzing them in. My previous apartment didn’t have video or even a peep hole, so I was always nervous about answering the door.

Aside from all the storage inside my apartment, I also have a private storage closet in the hallway!! It’s pretty big and I will be moving all my luggage out there.

I am SOOOOO happy with my new apartment. I obviously am missing a few pieces of furniture, but I am working on that! At the top of my list is a small table, sofabed, and curtains. The sofabed will be great for when people visit and also for anyone that wants to stay over.

The only downside to this apartment is that I will be paying more monthly fees. My previous apartment included internet, but now I have to pay that on my own. I also need to pay a facilities fee for electricity, the gym (YES THERE IS A GYM!), elevator, security, ect. Yea, paying more sucks, but it is honestly SO worth it. I couldn’t be happier.

Although I have only been in this apartment for 1 week, it already feels like home. 😀


❤ Natasha


3 thoughts on “New Apartment!

  1. Shanna says:

    Your new place looks lovely!! ❤ Sounds like there's quite a lot of facilities too! Worth paying more for! (: (: And hope you are loads better already!! ^^

  2. Fran Schweiber says:

    So happy Natasha that you finally got out of the other apartment…I was worried about the out come of your health living w/mold. This looks fabulous and you seem so happy. Trying to keep up with you….if I cannot manage via my computer, I BUG MOM TO SEND ME info.
    GOOD LUCK….you are fortunate to be able to have such an experience at your age.
    Much love.
    Fran from Locust, NC

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