A Month in Review: September 2015

I have decided that instead of posting a ton of mini blog posts about little things I do during the month, I would post a Month In Review at the end of each month that would include all the little things. Larger or longer things I do will still have their own posts.

This first one is obviously LONGGG overdue!  Sorry!

First Night Out

A few days after arriving in Busan I met up with a few other EPIK teachers in the Kyeongseng University area for chi-mek (치맥). Chi-mek means ‘chicken + beer’; in Korean beer is mekju (맥주). Korea knows how to do fried chicken!

After chicken, we headed to a noraebang (노래방), or ‘singing room. AKA karaoke. I like going to noraebang, but I hate participating because I can’t sing for my life!!!!! It was super fun though!

Group selfie fail, but this is what noraebang looks like!

American-style pizza in busan

Met up with some more EPIK teachers for some American style pizza near Gwanggali (광안리) at a micro-brewery called Galmegi Brewing Co. In Korean galmegi means ‘seagull’. Galmegi obviously brew their own beer. It’s a really neat little place. They offer a sampler set so you can taste a little of each one.

Blogger Fail: No photo of the menu, so I don’t know what kind of bear this is >.<

What drew us here was the pizza. Not the best pizza I’ve had in Korea, BUT it was still pretty good and there was no corn! For some reason Korean pizza always has corn on it…I don’t understand. It makes me sad.

I believe this was the margarita pizza. Pretty decent, no corn so that’s good!

I think this was called a Greek pizza?

After dinner we headed down to the beach. It was my first time visiting a Busan beach and seeing the ocean in Busan. It was a warm night, the bridge was lit up so beautiful….it was so surreal.

My first view of the ocean!

The only thing that could make the view better was ice cream! Found this honeycomb ice cream place. Yummmmmyyy!

Yay iPhone photos at night hahaha

Jewish Dinners

Who knew that when I came to Korea I would go to multiple Jewish dinners?! A fellow EPIK teacher that lives a few blogs away from me is Jewish and has invited other EPIK teachers to her apartment a few times this month. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos to prove that I attended these nights, but I did!

Our amazing host made us challah bread and even a roast chicken (though it took quite a few hours longer than she thought!). Thank you Franki for inviting us to your new home and sharing your culture with us!

EPIK Teacher Night Out

I’m not sure if this was intentionally planned, but after returning from this night out I realized that we had all officially been in Korea for 1 month! It was a great way to celebrate that, without even knowing what we were celebrating. Or maybe everyone else knew, and I was just too stupid to realize it!

We met up in the Kyeongseng University area around 9:30 and went to this bar called Ol’ 55. I was a fan of it just by looking at the outside because they had a large Yellow Submarine picture on the side of the building 😀

Inside it was pretty dead; it was us and this one really rockin’ old Korean guy. I LOVED the music. It wasn’t Beatle-era music, but it was a lot of the alternative music that I love.The place has really great potential if it was a little more busy.

Korean beer is alllllll light beer. Fine with me, I don’t like dark beer.

After a few beers there, someone decided we were going to round 2 at a club called “The Ghetto”. I am not a club person, I hate dancing, and when someone says “The Ghetto” I usually run the other direction. It was a dark and empty club; there was us and another group of foreigners. Another beer and a shot of tequila later, I was having fun.

There is another EPIK teacher that lives a few blocks away from me. We left just before 3am. We grabbed a couple dumplings before getting into a cab. I told the cab driver the name of the subway station that is close to both our apartments. He says okay and goes off. The previous day I was warned about taxi drivers ripping off foreigners by taking the long way to their destination; so I kept checking up on our location on my phone.

For a while he was going in the right direction, just a different way than what my phone suggested. Then he started going away from our destination. I said, in Korean, “Uh, sir. X station. It’s after Y station” to clarify our destination.  He gets all flusters and mutters something about a similar sounding place. Now. I know my Korean sucks. But my pronunciation of this station name is correct. I know it is. I hear it every single day when I take the subway to and from work! I don’t know if he just didn’t hear me, or if he WAS trying to rip us off because he thought we didn’t know where we were. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

The rest of the cab ride, the driver kept talking to me. Asking me why were were in Kyeongseng, why foreigners love the Kyeongseng area (I have no friggen clue, I don’t like it), how long was I in Korea, why was I in Korea, how did I study Korean, and can I have your phone number. Hahaha! Yea. He said he wanted to give his daughter my phone number so we could be friends and she could practice speaking English with me. I lied and said I didn’t have a Korean phone number because I had only been in Busan for 3 weeks. >.<

reunion with a fellow seawolf

On the final day of September, one of my Korean friends that I met at my university came to Busan to visit! We met up in the Gwangalli area because he wanted to see the beach.  It was just after lunch, neither of us had eaten and were starving! We passed by a place that served American style brunch and we decided that it was just appropriate!

I believe this was called The Original: two fried eggs, bacon, hashbrown, bread with pesto, salad, and onions. Of course it wasn’t the best brunch ever, but I was satisfied. The hashbrown was one of those frozen oval ones that you just toast, but overall it was brunch and it was just fine with me!

My friend got the Gangnam Style: 2 pancakes with syrup, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrown, and salad. My friend said he really enjoyed the meal. The real question here is what kind of syrup? Good Vermont style syrup? Or that fake Aunt Jemima’s stuff? Not sure because I didn’t sample it.

After brunch we caught up at a Starbucks with a patio that looked out at the beach and ocean. Then we decided to go to Shinsaegae, the “world’s largest department store”. It is really big. We walked around just window shopping for a while until we got hungry!

Dinner was Korean style Chinese food. We ate fried pork with sweet sauce (탕수육) and spicy seafod soup (짬뽕). Both were reallllllllllly good!

Fried pork with sweet sauce

It was soooo nice to see a familiar face from back home (even though Korea is his home).

Random Photos

These photos don’t really belong to any special event, so here they are!

I have NO clue!!!!!

This is makgeolli (막걸리), strawberry makgeolli to be exact. Makgeolli is my favorite alcoholic drink ever! I drank it on quite a few occasions this month! Makgeollia is near PNU and serves slushy makgeolli. OMG it’s amazingggg!!


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