The Quest for the Perfect Kimbap

My American friends all know how delicious kimbap 김밥 is because I forced them all to try it at some point and got them all addicted to its amazingness. One of the things I was most excited about doing when returning to Korea was eating a whole lot of Kimbap! What is kimbap? It looks like sushi, but it’s not. It’s better!

Initially I had a pretty hard time finding a kimbap place near me. I even mentioned this to a teacher at my school and the next day there were three rolls of kimbap on my desk! I have no idea where he got this kimbap, but it was amazingggg! Even the other Korean teachers I shared it with were saying how good it was. I need to find out where he got it.

I was also given some peach. My coteachers love to feed all sorts of snacks at school.

After some research, I found a few kimbap places on Daum maps close to Pusan University. The first one was Yamsem (얌샘). I ordered a basic kimbap and it was OK. Something about it just wasn’t meeting my kimbap taste requirements!

The packaging is sooo cute!

I tried the second place a few days later (yes, I like kimbap that much!). When I got there, I found that it was under construction 😦 Still not sure if it’s a remodel or a completely new store, I haven’t been in that area again. It’s been a few weeks, so I should probably go investigate!

A few days later at a language exchange, I mentioned my hunt for the perfect kimbap to a Korean and he gave me directions to another kimbap place near Pusan National University. Of course I went there the next day! This place is called Kim Seonseng (김선생)  which means ‘teacher Kim’. It was early for dinner, so I ordered two: one for snack and one for dinner later.

My snack was tuna kimbap, a pretty basic kimbap! Yummm.  I heard from my Korean co-teacher later that she doesn’t like this chain of kimbap stores because it’s too sweet. I didn’t think it was sweet, but the sesame leaf (깻잎) taste was pretty strong. I really don’t like sesame leaves, I won’t even eat them with korean bbq.

My dinner was fried shrimp and fried squid. This is definitely up there on my top kimbap list! I have returned a second time to purchase this yumminess!  It’s sooooo good!

The final place near my apartment to try was Kimbap Cheonguk (김밥천국). When I walked into the shop I was initially a little grossed out. But I was sooo hungry that I just closed my eyes and placed my order: a basic kimbap and some kimchi dumplings.

The dumplings were fine and the kimbap was actually pretty good.  I was also really hungry!!

How much is kimbap? The most expensive one I have purchased is that fried shrimp and squid one, for (I believe) 4,500won (less than $4.50). Generally, a simple kimbap is around 3,000won.

The search for the perfect kimbap shall continue!!!!


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