Igidae Park: The most beautiful hike in Busan

I’m going out of order here, because a couple weekends ago I went on my second hike. I haven’t even posted about the first one yet!

A couple other EPIK teachers and I went to Igidae Park to check out a beautiful trail we found online. This hike was actually more like a walk-hike, a wike? Is that a thing? The trail is on the side of a mountain right on the coast. At times the trail is right over the ocean. The trail is a mix of dirt paths and wooden steps and pathways.

It’s a really beautiful “wike” and something that not many foreigners in Busan know about. The views of Gwangalli and the bridge are amazing. We had a really sunny and clear day (in the beginning at least) and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the view.

You can also see evidence of previous military activity, like lookouts and an abandoned basketball court.

If you plan on going on this “wike”, proper footwear it’s still recommended! It starts of flat, but as you go further in there are more and more steps. I wore Keds, and that was a mistake! There are some pretty tough parts if you’re out of shape like me! ou

I highly suggest packing a lunch and finding a nice spot with a pretty view on one of the areas where you can walk out onto the rocks to eat it. Makgeolli (rice wine) is also a great idea when hiking!

Links: Busan Awesome: Directions to IgidaeExploring Igidae (with video),


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