Pizza Uncle

After school one day last week, my managing co-teacher took me outside of Busan to get what she called “the best pizza”. It was maybe a 40 minute drive from school (traffic!). We weren’t in Busan anymore, instead we were in Ulsan. This area wasn’t in the big city of Ulsan, it was a village on the coast called Seoseang (서생).

It was a really rainy and gloomy day, but somehow that made it atmosphere seem better! We pulled up to the restaurant called Pizza Samchon (피자 삼촌), or “Pizza Uncle”. This was my coteacher’s third visit to this restaurant. She realllly likes it and says that it is worth the ride.

The building and decor are really cute and has a mix of French, Italian, and American touches.

They even have a brick oven.

The owner and chef was trained in Italy.

My first salad without yogurt dressing in a really long time!! This alone made me really happy!! 

The pizza was actually really good. Blogger fail: I didn’t take photos of the menu so I don’t remember which pizza this is. The crust was a little too doughy for my liking. I like a crust that is a little more crisp and sturdy, not so flimsy especially when it’s so small. Definitely the best pizza I have ever had in Korea. The best in Korea? I don’t know yet, I have a lot more pizza to try! 🙂

For the second time here in Korea, we were served honey with the pizza.  I don’t understand!! I refused to put honey on my pizza. I love you, Korea. But sometimes there’s just lines I can’t cross. And putting honey on my pizza is one of them. I would imagine that dipping the crust alone in the honey would be good, but both Koreans I have eaten pizza with have smeared the honey all over the pizza, sauce and all.

Pickles with pizza, that I can accept! I am the pickle princess of my family after all! I can never refuse a pickle!

Honey + Pizza = Illegal

Our pasta was oil, garlic, and seafood (of course it had a fancy name that I don’t remember.) This was also reallllllly good! I’ve been really into oil pastas the past few months, I think it’s because I watched the Korean Drama “Pasta” shortly before coming to Korea.

My coteacher wanted to take a photo of me eating so show my mom that I’m not starving in Korea. Hahaha!

Please ignore the fact that I’m not wearing makeup >.<

After eating we took a drive around the area. We originally planned to take a walk on the beach, but it was raining pretty hard and we decided to drive instead.

Sometimes a gloomy day at the beach is really pleasant. I would have liked to stay there for a while, but my co-teacher had to return to school for something.

Rainy days make the ocean angry #livinginkorea

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My managing co-teacher wasn’t at my school when I first arrived because she had a pretty big surgery. She returned to work about 2.5 weeks later and we were finally able to meet. Going on this little mini adventure was a really nice opportunity for us to get to know each other better. And I think we did!

Link: Pizza Samchon location


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