Last Minute Unneeded Stress

About two weeks ago my computer had to “unexpectedly shutdown” and it happened again earlier this week. I tried to wave it off, but a few days ago I discovered another problem. The camera I recently purchased does not have a USB connection for the computer, and I found out that the SD card reader on my computer did not work. This would mean that I had no way to upload pictures from my camera onto my computer! Then, I decided to delete iPhoto from my computer (because I upgraded to the new Photos app and don’t need both) to free up space since it was taking up over 80GB. Well for some reason deleting it ended up taking up more space. And finally, my computer was storing backups on my computer and on my external hard drive with Time Machine…taking up even more space on my computer. With all these issues piling up, I decided to make the earliest Apple Store appointment I could.

My appointment was this morning. There is good news and bad news.  The bad news is that because there was so much wrong (they discovered a few things at the store that are beyond my computer knowledge), they had to ship it out to the repair facility. Not going to lie, I had to hold back a few tears. I explained that I was moving out of the country in exactly one week. Here’s the good news (I hope!), my Genius assured me that I would have my computer back by Friday.  More good news: I still have Apple Care so I don’t need to pay anything for this repair.

This just wasn’t something I was expecting to deal with right before leaving. I thought all the stress was over when I got my visa! Keep your fingers crossed for me that my computer is returned in time!

In other news: I’m pretty much done shopping! Now the crazy task of trying to fit everything in suitcases begins! I’m really going to try and bring only two. I’m not sure how well that is going to work out…I might end up bringing all three with the two larger ones having some extra space. That wouldn’t be so bad though, it means I can buy a lot of cute clothes in Korea 😀

❤ Natasha


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