Guide to EPIK: Online Pre-Orientation


EPIK Orientation consists of three parts, the first being the Online Pre-Orientation. After you receive your placement, you will receive an e-mail invitation from EPIK with a link to English Hunt. The e-mail will also include your log-in information and directions on how to change the default password.


Once you log in click “classroom” to view the lessons.

The main page for EPIK Orientation.


There are 15 different lessons in total:

  1. Introduction to the EPIK Program
  2. School Facilities, Staff, and Etiquette
  3. Korean Students & English Education in Korea
  4. An EPIK Teacher’s Daily Life & School Events
  5. Co-Teaching Sample Classes
  6. Living in Korea 1: Housing, Mobile & Banking
  7. Living in Korea 2: Transportation, Currency & Shopping
  8. Korean Industries, Landmarks, and Festivals
  9. Korean History: Past and Present
  10. Understanding Korean Culture & Cultural Differences
  11. Survival Korean 1: Let’s Learn Hangeul!
  12. Survival Korean 2: Self-Introduction
  13. Survival Korean 3: Essential Phrases at School
  14. Survival Korean 4: Greetings & Basic Expressions
  15. Arrival Preparation & FAQs

Each lesson starts out by informing you what the objects of the lesson are. (Fellow teachers should know how important it is to inform your students what the objectives of your lesson are. You can do this by displaying them in the corner of your blackboard, or as the first slide of a PPT presentation.)

Objectives of Lesson 1

The next part of each lesson is video. Sometimes there is more than one video. Some videos also include a notes section to the side and automatically bullets important notes being discussed in the video.

Video with important notes

At the end of each lesson is “Check Up”; a quiz. There are about 5 questions in each quiz. Some of the Survival Korean lessons have more questions.

Once you have completed a lesson (and refreshed your classroom page), you will receive a blue O. If a lesson still shows a red X after completing it, it may mean that you went through the lesson too quickly. When this happened to me I would take the quiz a second time, but slower.

Lesson Completion


Once you have completed and received a blue O for each lesson, you will be allowed to print the certification. You must print this certification and bring it with you to orientation. The certification says:

English Program in Korea

This is to certify that


has completed the 15 hour EPIK Online Pre-Orientation Program Provided by NIIED.

Course: EPIK Pre-Orientation
Period: [Dates]



Overall, I was really pleased with this Pre-Orientation. I did not expect something so well put together. I think I was expecting that I had to read a lot?

Someone who is very new to Korean culture and Korean language will learn quite a lot from these lessons and will feel more comfortable about going to Korea. Even someone like me who has been to Korea can learn from these lessons. The lessons may feel boring because you know most of the information, but please watch them. There were some things that I did not know or had forgotten in the 5 years that I have been back in the US (like it is impolite to cross your legs in front of an elder).

The Survival Korean lessons go pretty fast for a new Korean learner. The quizzes will be difficult if you cannot read Hangul well. I do recommend learning Hangul and basic Korean phases before the Pre-Orientation. You will need to know these things for living in Korea anyways, so why not start early!

For those who are very skilled in reading Hangul and basic Korean phrases, these lessons could be a little boring and you can breeze through the quiz questions (some of the answers are quite funny!). If you have done any studying with Talk To Me In Korean, you will recognize all the Korean teachers in these lessons which makes watching the lessons a little less boring. It feels like you are seeing old friends!

It took me 3 nights to complete the Pre-Orientation. I did not time myself, but I don’t think it actually took the full 15 hours (no, I did not skip anything!).

I hope this overview was helpful! If you have any questions please comment down below or send me an e-mail.

❤ Natasha

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