Visa: Check!, Hotel: Check!, Flight: Almost Check!

안녕하세요!  Hello everyone!

I have some really exciting news! I finally have my visa! Ok, I don’t physically have it. It is still at the consulate. Last week when I went to the consulate to apply for my visa, I was given a ticket that said to return today, exactly a week later. I called the consulate this afternoon to confirm that everything is all set, and it is! I’ll be picking it up later this week!

Because my visa is now officially complete, I am able to go ahead and start the process of booking my flight and hotel. I decided that I will arrive in Korea the day before orientation begins. I get really anxious about any type of traveling, especially when flying is involved. I know that the first day of orientation will be very overwhelming with checking-in and meeting many new people. So, I am flying in a day early and giving myself time to unwind from my travel anxiety before going off to orientation.

I have already booked a hotel right next to the airport. My booking includes free breakfast in the morning, which is one less thing I will have to worry about before going off to orientation! The hotel also offers a free shuttle service to and from the airport from the same gate in the airport where I will take the EPIK bus to orientation. Woot!

I have not booked my flight yet because I decided on which one I want after my parents went to sleep. Since they are the ones driving me to the airport (most likely at 3am >.<), I need to make sure the flight I chose is OK with them.

I have started a little bit of packing, mostly winter clothes. I’m really trying not to bring too much so I have already eliminated things like scarves, gloves, and hats which I can most likely purchase cheaply in Busan when it starts to get colder. I am limiting myself to 1 huge luggage, a backpack, and a carry-on size luggage. I plan on doing either a video or blog post in a few months on about what I packed, what I wish I hadn’t, and what I wish I did.

Hey future EPIK applicants! Watch out for two more ‘Guides to EPIK’ coming soon! I have a post about the visa application and EPIK acronyms and terms sitting in my drafts waiting to be edited in the morning by a fresh brain!

Lastly, in non-EPIK news, yesterday was my little pup’s 10th birthday! I can’t believe it!  I was gone for most of the last 6.5 years at school, so it’s been really amazing spending a lot more time with her. I am going to miss my little Mollie-wobbles terribly while I’m gone.

❤ Natasha

7 thoughts on “Visa: Check!, Hotel: Check!, Flight: Almost Check!

  1. Annemone says:

    First off, your pup is so cute! I’ve always wanted a dog, but my building sadly doesn’t allow them.

    Secondly, quick question if you don’t mind. I know that EPIK covers your flight (or, rather, reimburses you for your flight), but what about the hotel? Is that the same reimbursement thing, or are you just getting a hotel for the extra night, and then you move into a different hotel for orientation?

    P.S. Congrats on the visa! That must be a relief…

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      Yes, EPIK will cover 1,300,000 KRW (not USD!) of your flight as part of the Entrance Allowance. If your flight is less than that, you still get the full 1,300,000 KRW. Usually you will receive this after working for 1 month. However, Busan does not give this until you work for 6 months.
      EPIK does not cover any hotel or travel expenses that you may have before the orientation. I’m paying for the hotel on my own. There’s quite a few people that are arriving a day early and doing a similar thing. Many are staying in hostels or guest houses in the Hongdae area. There are some guest houses in Incheon that you could stay at as well which are much closer. I just wanted to chose the simplest, least stressful route, and staying in one of the airport hotels seems to be that.

  2. smaugthedesolator says:

    Which hotel did you book? Make sure you know the number you have to call.. some of the hotels require that you call them when you arrive to the airport so that they know to come get you. So even if it’s as simple as finding a nice information desk to help you maneuver the korean language, make sure you know the number!!!

    It’s not THAT cold here. (I’ve not been here in December) but if you’re from anywhere above the Mason-Dixon, I don’t see you needing anything MAJOR for winter clothes. Since the majority of the year is warmer weather, it would be better to bring only your faves (like a great coat or shoes) then to waste space in your luggage on too many hats and winter scarves and stuff.
    But then I’m Canadian so I might be a bit cold-oblivious.

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      Thanks! I will look into the hotel thing!!
      I only have a few of my favorite sweaters and my winter coat packed. I’m definitely trying to pack more warmer weather clothes since that’s the season I am arriving in. I figure I can always buy the cold weather stuff as it starts to get cold if I need it. Thanks so much for commenting and giving me advice!! I need all I can get!! 😀

      • smaugthedesolator says:

        I stayed at Yegrina when I came in… It was a good hotel, but I’ve also compared with my friends.
        The shuttles are pretty much an official van that the front desk guy drives over. Very classy and stuff haha. I just remember that being a point of stress for me when I arrived..

        Good luckkkkkk!!!!!

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