Checking In

It has been a few weeks since I updated that I was waiting for my placement.  Well…..I still am! I’m not going to lie, it has been a very stressful few weeks. Watching others get their placements over the past three weeks while your inbox remains empty is not very fun. I have been trying my hardest to stay positive through this whole wait period. I thankfully made a friend on the Facebook group for our intake. It’s been comforting to talk to someone else who is going through this entire process and who understands everything you’re going through.To distract myself during this time, I have been working on this blog behind the scenes. I started writing up some blog posts about the different aspects of the EPIK application process. Those will start getting posted pretty soon!

I’ve also done some shopping for teacher clothes! I have some clothes left over from when I was student teaching. However, my entire wardrobe needs an update. My favorite site for buying teaching clothes (even when I was student teaching) has been Some things are a little pricey, but I have had really good luck with the quality of things I have bought so far! I still have a lot of shopping to do though. I’m leaving tomorrow for a week in Ohio to visit some family. Near their home is the largest shopping mall I have ever been to, so I am hoping to have some success there! As someone who gets anxiety from clothes shopping… will be a HUGE deal if I walk out with one new item of clothing.

My next update will hopefully be me announcing my placement! I can’t wait to share it with all of you!



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