Ingikayo July 18, 2010

My friend Angela is awesome.  She has some great connections and got herself, her cousin, and I into Inkigayo.

Angela and her cousin arrived much earlier than I did.  I arrived around 2:15 and met them at Homeplus before heading over the the SBS building.  When we got to the SBS building we saw the street was lined with celeb vans and tons of fans crowded the small sidewalk in front of the building.  It seemed much less organized than MBC’s Music Core.  We spotted some other foreigner fans that we recognized, some of them friends of ours, that were in line with Teen Top.  They said they got to watch Teen Top pre-record their performance and they were hoping to get in to watch the entire live show.

At 3pm–ON THE DOT–we called the PDnim (producer) and he told us that we were on the list at the front door!  We went to the door, gave him Angella’s name and we got to walk past everyone waiting to get in!! Inside they gave us a sticker that meant we were allowed to watch the entire live show.

When we entered the auditorium I think Z:EA was on stage rehearsing. We watched other groups rehearse like SonDambi, Narsha, G.Na, Miss A, and Taeyang.

Today was the first day for the new MCs. Jokwon of 2AM, Sulli of F(x), and  Yonghwa of CN Blue!!!!  They were so cute during the rehearsals while trying to memorize their lines correctly.  In between rehearsals Angela,  her cousin, and I were waving frantically at them hoping they would wave back AND THEY DID!!  AHH!  Yong Hwa actually looked at me!  Sorry….hahah I’m a huge CN Blue fan girl!

After all the rehearsals finished the fans that were in there (mostly elementary school students!  haha) had to leave but we were allowed to stay.  AND they moved us up to the 3rd row!  We had an awesome view, minus the cameras zooming all over the place!
Our sticker that let us stay and watch the rehearsal AND show!

The show was really amazing.  It was longer than Music Core and much more enjoyable.  Music Core is mostly pre-recorded while Inkigayo is LIVE!  Only two or three acts were pre-recorded.  We finally got to see MissA perform the entire song!  Teen Top was pre-recorded…so we only saw part of the live performance.  Super Junior was also pre-recorded but they came on stage and danced to the song for a while.  They were so funny!  Lots of butt touching, tickling, and other mischievous activities.  They are soo cute!!

Jokwon messed up a line during the live show making the MCs burst into giggles when the cameras turned off. Soo funny!!!  Hehe.  Poor G.Na had a good rehearsal, but during the live performance her mic pack fell off so she had to hold it almost the entire performance 😦

Taeyang won this week.  He came out at the end to sing his song again.  And guess who came with him….

2NE1 members Minji, CL, and Dara!!! Also T.O.P!!!!! And Sean with his baby Harang!!  AND!  His dog Boss also came on stage (<–click for video of Boss coming into Inkigayo and getting too much love from V.I.P.)!!

It was soooooooo amazing.  We were freaking out the entire time.  I wish I could have taken photos!!!!

This post is missing soo much of what happened because I suck at remembering things…and I was just in too much shock of being SO close to the idols and being near so many!

When we left the building we saw the Teen Top fans lining up to go to a fan meeting.  The staff recognized us and said hello to us when we approached them.  We asked if we could go too and they said no since we line up with them to watch the show and didn’t have a number 😦  We followed them anyways!  Turns out the fan meeting didn’t go the way they planned.  We ended up on the side of the street a little ways down from the SBS building.  They told us Teen Top was going to drive up and we were allowed to take pics and look at them through the car window…hahaha.

While we were waiting a bunch of idols drove past while they were leaving.  Some fans were crazyyyyy trying to run after the cars.  The drivers are very skilled.  They SPEED through the streets and even go through red lights so they can get away so the fans can’t follow them.  Some of the idols lowered the windows as they sped past. We saw Siwon, Shindong, Leeteuk, Donghae, and Ryeowook. Also spotted Orange Caramel…Caramel Orange….watever.  I think Taeyang also went by.  A few others went by but I wasn’t able to see who it was, they put their windows up before passing by.


The fans were crazy!! They were standing in the road and running after cars!! That black van is a celeb van.

Guess who!

Teen Top came after about a half hour?  They just pulled over in front of us and lowered the window.  They waved and said ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank You’.  Rapper Cap was sitting directly next to the window so we got good pics of him, but the others were crowded in there so it was hard to get pics of everyone.  Rapper Cap seemed really nervous and didn’t smile a whole lot…..he seemed awkward at the last fan meeting I went to too….

Anyways….we love them!


11 thoughts on “Ingikayo July 18, 2010

  1. eva.p says:

    hey there!
    would it be ok to like.. share how your friend got to know the PDnim? cos
    i’ll be travelling to Seoul coming Dec for about 2 weeks.. and we hope we can make go for the inki show..

    i must say your blog is really very informative.. Like you, prior to your 5 months in Seoul, i’ve never traveled beyond two weeks… much less, traveled with friends. Thanks really for making the effort to record your experiences ((: awesome stuff you have here ((:

    when I saw your entry about going to Inki, homg i nearly jumped up in excitement! i so so wanna go for inki’s show too~ haha.. would it be ok to like.. share how your friend got to know the PDnim? Cos i should be going with my cousin and we really wanna go for the show..
    thanks in advance (:

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      It was a family connection. So I can’t really tell you how she did it >.< SOrry!
      Thanks for reading my blog!!! 🙂
      Read my post on going to music shows if you want more info! 🙂

  2. choi shello bi says:

    hi natasha! i saw you on arirang tv..kkkkk glad to know you, ,
    hope we will be a great chingu…kkkkkk …i really love korea, especially seoul, hahahaha,, SUPER JUNIOR,,awesome…
    are you studied at korea??? wow, that’s my dream to go to there, hope sooo…;)

  3. gaemtheoline20 says:

    Hi Natasha unni! I love your blog ehehehe~ It really makes me wanna go there soooo bad!! >.< It's really interesting about how you could see those artists–LIVE! And that was Donghae and Ryeowook in the van, wasn't it?

    By the way, unni, did you get the scholarship or did you get in regulary? I wanna know how .__. Hehehe~ good luck unni!

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      Thanks for enjoying my blog ^^
      I didn’t go on scholarship >.<. I just went as a regular exchange student and payed the tuition of my home university.
      I hope you can get a scholarship! That would be great! Good luck!

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