Eateries Near SK Global House & KLI

Hungry?  Sick of Cafe Kkini?  Don’t want to walk ALL the way to Sinchon? It’s OK!  There are some great places to eat right near SK Global House and KLI!

1. Lord Sandwich: This building is quite unique.  You’ll definitely see it because it’s kinda oddly shaped.  I can’t say I ever ate at Lord Sandwich, but those who have said it’s amazing.  You do have to pay a bit extra for these amazing sandwiches though.

2. Good Morning Hanoi, Dong Chang Hong, and Zino Francescatti: Again, never ate at any of these places.  Zino is always hopping.  Apparently it’s a favorite among teachers.  I think each of these places is a little pricey as well. Good Morning Hanoi is Vietnamese food.  Not sure about Dong Chang Hong.  Zino Fracescatti is Italian (obviouslyy!)

3. Princeton Square: A on the pricey side cafe that also serves food.  I was tempted to buy there grilled cheese one day (I was realllllllly craving one) but the price stopped me.  The cafe is really nice.  I studied there once with Nayoung.  Really quite environment with COMFY chairs!

Noticing a trend here?  Most places are expensive near SK Global which is why we always suffer

4. Kalguksu: The name of this Korean restaurant is written in Chinese, so I don’t know it’s name.  We’re going to call it Kalguksu because that’s what it says below the restaurant name.  Their Kalguksu is good.  Great alternative to going ALL the way to Myeongdong (where the best kalguksu is).  I’m sure they also have dishes like bibimbab and soups.

5. Cafe La Lee: My Korean teacher told my class that they have the best cakes.  At around W4,000 a slice their Crepe cake, I was told, is the best.  My teacher told us this on the LAST DAY so I didn’t have time, or the finances, to go and see if she was right.  Please someone go and let me know!  I’m dying to get back there and try it!

6. PriMaVera: Newly opened Italian Restaurant.  I’ve heard it’s good.  Nothing to rave about.  As with all Italian food in Seoul pasta and pizza is from W7,000 and up.

7. Jessica’s Kitchen: More Italian food.  Same as PriMaVera, nothing to rave about. Always crowded.

8. Strawberry: This Korean restaurant has two locations, as you can see from the two red marks on the map.  The top mark is the Strawberry I prefer.  It’s in the basement (Under Fin).  After Korean class my friends and I would go there for some bibimbab, dumpling soup, or kimchi  fried rice before heading home.  Their menu is large.  Something for everyone and cheap!!! 🙂

9. Cafe De la Luche: Cafe.  Cute.  Studied there a few times.  Music is a little loud so that might bother some people.  They have an outdoor sitting area which is nice in the summer.

10. GS25….Family Mart?: Ok, I don’t remember what convenience store this is….but if you want alcohol you’re going to have to get it here.  The GS25 in SK Global doesn’t sell any because the dorms are supposed to be alcohol free.   This convenience store also bakes their own cookies. Oh my god!!! It always smells SOOO good in there! So tempting!

There are some other palces…but I don’t know much about them OR they were too expensive for me to add to this list.


3 thoughts on “Eateries Near SK Global House & KLI

  1. hangukdrama says:

    ahhh!!! omg thanks for the pics! i was regreting not taking any photos of the places around the dorm since i see them everyday! ):

    Lord sandwich is really superb! I had it once 😀
    The buffet at Jessica’s Kitchen was awesome too!

    I miss Korea sooo badly! and I miss you too! We should have met up again! ): hopefully we’ll see each other in Seoul again ^^

  2. dita says:

    Ahhh, I came across your blog from a YT video of Akaraka. Been missing the I Love You Yonsei chant a lot. Good times!!

    There was a great place in the second floor of Jessica’s kitchen, priced slightly higher than strawberry, but definitely better food, that was my favourite place near global house. Prima Vera was pretty good too, portion a bit too small for my taste but pretty good spaghetti nonetheless.

    I was living in ihouse till June. Wish we had known each other! God, I miss Korea so badly. I miss going to e-dae, promising myself not to buy anything only to come home with bags of stuff. I miss eating dakkalbi in shinchon and drink flavoured soju cos real soju doesn’t taste like anything, lol! I miss fangirling too XD! I’m definitely coming back over there! So much fun!

  3. jaemijamie says:

    안녕하세요! Just found your site and I’m loving it^^ I was wondering if you have any advice in terms of housing while studying at Yonsei. I’m hopefully studying there for the upcoming fall semester and have heard mixed things about living in the international dorms versus finding a hostel nearby (which might even provide meals). Do you have any opinions or advice? 진짜 감사합니다!

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