Going to Sanggojae

Someone asked me for directions on how to get to Sanggojae, the house featured in Personal Taste.  I just want to add that you can’t go into the house.  You can only stand outside the house.

There are lots of other beautiful houses in the area that you should check out.  Make sure to bring your camera!! The hanok village is really a beautiful place!  And you’ll have a great view of the city, as this area is situated on a hill.

Click to go under the cut and see the map about how to get to the house…

Take the orange line 3 to Anguk station and go out exit 2.


6 thoughts on “Going to Sanggojae

  1. honey says:

    Hi, i enjoyed cheking your posting and very deelpy useful cuz i will studying abroard at yonsei univ from this sep. btw i usewd to stayed at Angug area before. that is a beautiful palce ever.

  2. Leeza Mariano says:

    Hi. I plan to include this house in my trip next year in SK. So no chance to enter this house for a quick photo? I read that this is inside a theme park? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      No, you can’t enter it! 😦 I really wanted to also!! Hmm…I’m not sure about the inside being part of a theme park, but you know what….I wouldn’t be surprised!! It was such a popular drama they probably did something crazy like that.

  3. Mathew says:

    I read that all interior shots were taken elsewhere.
    The only shots that were taken at that location were exterior shots.

    I do think that the traditional (hanok) homes are really beautiful, though!

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      Thanks for letting me know! I was curious about that. I also thought that they were filmed somewhere else…but I wasn’t sure 🙂
      If you get a chance to go to Korea make sure you visit them!! They really are pretty! Some of the owners even invite you inside them!!

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