1st Shop Coffee Prince and Babtol’s

Anneka and Louise came to visit me in Hongdae while I was still living there.  We all wanted to go to the Coffee Prince cafe where the MBC drama ‘Coffee Prince’ was filmed.  I’ve walked by the cafe a few times but I never went inside.  I’ve heard stories about it being expensive and the taste nothing to boast about.  However, since Coffee Prince is one of my favorite Korean Dramas I HAD to at least go once.

Getting there is easy.  Just a bit of walking from the subway (map at the end of this blog entry).  I have to be honest and say I was a little disappointed.  There were no princes.  The waiters were all women.  The beautiful flower painting on the wall was a sticker that was starting to peel off.  The menu seen in the drama isn’t the real menu, which means they raised the prices of everything.  The chairs were cheap and flimsy.  You weren’t allowed upstairs.  Some of the walls were covered with black paper which I think was to prevent fans from writing on them….but it made it look really unprofessional.  The lighting inside was bad, so my pictures came out crappy.  The outside of the building was kind of dirty.  When we were posing with the Coffee Prince sign there were flies everywhere and it kind of smelled bad.

Am I being too negative?  I had really high hopes for the place….Sorry.

On the positive side, it was cool to see the autographs of all of the cast.  You could buy Coffee Prince merchandise.  Our peach iced teas (one of the cheapest items on the menu) were realllly good!

The peach iced tea with a lemon in it was veryyy good!  It didn’t last me very long >.<


The actual menu you can order from.  Everything is about W6,000 and up.  >.<

An additional blurry menu.  Someone rubbed up against it….


Drama menu.  They posted a sign over it saying it’s not the menu… 😦

After finishing our drinks we walked around the corner and up the street toward Hongik University.  Super Junior member Yesung’s father owns a restaurant there!  It’s called 밥톨’s Babtol’s.  In the window is a poster signed by each other members of Super Junior.  Inside you’ll see letters and post-it-notes pinned to a long board from E.L.F.s (fans of Super Junior).  The menu, if I remember correctly, had both Korean and Western food.  I was craving some 밥bab (rice!) so I ordered Kimchi Cheese Bokkumbab. I don’t remember the names of the dishes that Louise and Anneka ate, sorry…It was a few weeks ago! >.<

The prices were average.  And we thought that it tasted great!!  Yesung’s dad was really kind to us.  He didn’t talk much but I heard that when Yesung’s mom is there she is very chatty with the costumers.  We plan on vising Babtol’s more often!

It’s so nice inside!

Some sort of omelet.

Kimchi Cheese Bokkumbap.

I don’t remember…..it had pork in it though…

And  then we finished up the day with some desserts from A Twosome Place.

Here’s a map showing the directions to Coffee Prince and Bobtol’s:

The top line shows you how to get to Coffee Prince from Hongdae station.  If you can’t read the map, you should take exit 4. Coffee Prince will be on the right side of the street.  The second line shows how to get to Babtol’s from Coffee Prince. (If you don’t want to go from Coffee Prince you can use the map to find an alternate route yourself.)  I don’t know the exact location of Babtol’s, but it’s in that general area where the line ends. If you get to the 3-way intersection in front of Hongik University turn around and try again.  Coming from Coffee Prince, Babtol’s will be on the right side of the street.


8 thoughts on “1st Shop Coffee Prince and Babtol’s

  1. Maria says:

    wow i really liked that drama too
    it’s sad to see that the real place it’s a disappointment =/
    when i’ll visit i just stay outside and take pics of it lol
    or maybe order that peach iced tea hihihi

    ohh the food at that restaurant looks so yummy

  2. novrinta says:

    huwaa!! BAPTOL’S! im so coming to this place when i go to korea!! nice place nice foods n SUPERJUNIOR owner! perfect!
    thx so much for the info!

  3. foreverfifteenELF says:

    now, Babtol’s is a must-visit place in Korea!! i’m gonna meet my in-laws!! weeeeeeeh!! thanks!!

  4. Elisabeth says:

    i also went to Coffee Prince (the 1st shop) yesterday and really dissapointed too. Dirty, etc.

    So i was browsing at google to find other people’s opinions (just wondering if only me who is dissapointed with the place 😀 ) and dropped by your blog ^^


  5. Alex says:

    Wow. I think you are the 3rd person who is disappointed with Coffee Prince. lol. I think i will just go to Baptol! 🙂 Thanks for the review!

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