Awesome People!!

Edit:  I need to stop writing blogs at 4AM!!  Edited with some grammar/spelling mistakes!  Sorryy.

Last week….I think… Actually I have no idea.  I’ve been so busy and my days have been so long that my sense of time is so off these days!  I thought this morning happened yesterday, but in fact it was today.

Anyways, one night Hyunwoo invited me to a little gathering he was having to meet some bloggers, Korean learners, and teachers in Hongdae.  Originally I was just going to say “Hello” and meet everyone because I had a tutor class shortly after.  However when I arrived in Hongdae my student sent me a message saying that she wouldn’t be able to have the lesson so I was able to stay for dinner. Woot!

Everyone was sooo nice!!  Like I said, some of us where bloggers, some were English teachers, some were Korean teachers, some were Korean learners, and some where there just to have a great time.  Most of us didn’t know each other, but we all had one thing in common, our friendships with Hyunwoo.  Some had known Hyunwoo for years while others, like me, have only known him for a few months.  Another thing that was awesome was that we were from a variety of countries and spoke many languages.  Canada, USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore….

There was SO much food!  And it was really delicious!

Warning: The photos you are about to see are quite horrible.  My camera sucks in low lighting.  Even when I use flash it sucks…actually it’s worse. >.< Eventually I’ll get a nice one.

We had like two plates of this.  Not sure what it was but it involved egg so it was reallllly yummy!  ….

Two of these….

and maybe three of these? SO much food!

Me and Shanna!  She’s also at Yonsei right now but in a different summer program.  She was sooo nice!! And her Korean was really good!  Visit her blog, Hungukdrama.

I felt like I was at a YouTube gathering where everyone is walking around filming themselves and filming other people filming themselves  hahaha.

Partial group photo.

I had such a great time! It was nice to meet everyone! I’m sad that I have to leave soon and wont be able to participate in these types of gatherings again.

**Speaking of gatherings!  Hyunwoo is having a meet up August 7th in Seoul at 4PM.  Click HERE to learn more and RSVP!  If you’re going to be in Seoul I encourage you to go and make some awesome friends!!!  Please go…because I’m really sad that I can’t!!**


2 thoughts on “Awesome People!!

  1. Choua says:

    What is the name of the dish in the second picture? It looks delicious! I’m also currently going to Seoul soon, Dec. 24th, to be exact. Please email me back and let me know. Also what is the name of this restaurant? Thanks so much! =)

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      Sorry, I actually have no idea about the name of any of the dishes or the name of the restaurant 😦 I’m really sorry 😦 The restaurant is in Hongdae though…… I’m really sorry 😦

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