Namsan Tower, Makgeolli, and Jimjilbang = Awesome Day!

Anneka left to go back to Australia the other day.  T.T  She’ll only be there for three weeks, but that means by the time she gets back I’ll be studying for my final exams and we won’t have much time to hang out.  *depressed*

During my one week vacation between spring semester and summer school Anneka, Louise, Cheryl and I took a trip to Namsan tower.We took the bus there again because its just much easier!  We went later in the day because we wanted to stay and watch the sunset and the lights in the city to come on.  Unfortunately for us the smog level that day was kinda high, but we still enjoyed ourselves!

Wrote my name on the fence at one of the viewing points.  My marker was kinda dead 😦

We were looking for Alex and Shinae’s locks (from We Got Married) but we couldn’t find them.  😦  We know that they were in this area though!

We were also looking for the locks that the SHINee members left.

We hope that SHINee’s locks weren’t some of the ones cut off!!


It was during this time that some creepy guy started stalking us.  He was Indian and looked drunk.  He approached Anneka and started speaking to her in BAD Korean.  We couldn’t understand what he was saying.  I kept pulling Anneka away from him but he always followed us.  Even we were standing together in a circle discussing what we should do he pushed himself into our circle.  Ew!  And he smelled bad….we always knew when he was coming because the stench surrounded him at a 20 foot radius.

We gave up looking for SHINee’s locks and decided to head into the base of the tower to get away from the creeper.  In the base of the tower is gift shop, Teddy Bear museum, small arcade, and a shop selling SM artist goodies.  We were in the gift shop when the stench returned.  He followed us into the tower!!!  We stayed close to the counter hoping that he wouldn’t come near us again and if he did we were going to tell the women at the counter to get some security to get him out.  Eventually he found some other girls to stalk to we used that chance to run from the gift shop and into the Teddy Bear Museum without him noticing us.  You need a ticket to get into the museum so we knew that we were safe there.

The museum was really cute.  The first part of the museum gave the history of Korea by showing displays and using teddy bears instead of people.  Some of the bears even moved!  It was soo cute!

My eyes look really scary! >.<

Me and the bears from Goong!

Winter Sonata!

I took a ton of pictures at the museum but I’m too lazy to add them all.  Anyways, you should visit there yourself!

Then we went up into the museum and looked at the city a LOT waiting for the sun to set.

While having coffee and snacks at A Twosome Place (yes, there is a cafe in the tower!) we watched the sun set……well it started to and then the smog ate it.  While we were waiting a TON of couples came up into the tower for the sunset as well!

Group photo! Cheryl, Louise, Anneka, Me.

So pretty!

They got married….or engaged?  Not sure.

We headed back to Sinchon for some Makgeolli and pajeon at my favorite place.

All gone!

After Makgeolli we headed to a 찜질방 jjimjilbang near Yonsei.  A jjimjilbang is a sauna and bathhouse.  Since we went late at night everyone was mostly sleeping.  We changed into the clothes they gave us and went into the ice room first because we were SOOOOO hot and gross from the humid weather.  We met some other Yonsei students there from China.While in the sauna room we drank that rice drink–I forget the name of it, ate hard boiled eggs, and wore the “Princess Leia” bun towels on our heads.

Read more HERE about jjimjilbangs!!!

I only slept about two hours but it was a lot of fun.  I want to go again!!  But next time I want to go at a normal time and take advantage of each part of the sauna.

7 thoughts on “Namsan Tower, Makgeolli, and Jimjilbang = Awesome Day!

  1. abby says:

    Hi! I came across your posting about the jimjilbang near Yonsei University.
    I am living right next to Yonsei west gate right now and I really want to try out a jimjilbang.
    Do you remember where the one you went to is?
    I don’t want to go to a crappy one and the one you described sounds cool!
    Please e-mail me at


  2. zaty says:

    hello there. may I know the location of Jimjilbang u went to. was in Korea but couldnt find them. and im heading there again next week and hopefully i can go to one this time. pls can you email me the location?


  3. Chari says:

    That would have been so amazing if you found SHINee’s locks! I’d freak out so~ much~ BTW when you were in Sinchon, did you see a tall building with Pizza Hut on the 1st floor? Because there’s this program to study Korean, and it’s located there on the 5th floor, but, I’m afraid I won’t be able to find it T.T

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