Yonsei’s SK Global House

…Ok some of you have been waiting for this.

When I first moved into SK Global House I promised to take pictures and videos of the place.  Yea, I didn’t do that until my LAST day there!  Sorry! >.<  Without further ado:

(Starting from bottom to top)

B4: Parking Garage

B3: Kitchen, Presentation Room, Music Room (2), Bathrooms, Parking Garage.

There’s quite a few ‘work areas’ so many people can be cooking at the same time.  I didn’t take a close up because they were all pretty dirty.  Basically a microwave and two burners at each.  No ovens.

cooking stations

Lots of places to sit and a TV!

More seating.

All the fridges were packed like this.

More seating and a hot & cold water dispenser.

Vending machines.

Cubbies to store your cookware

Presentation room:  Theres a huge drop-down screen on the far wall, a podium with a mic, tons of place to sit, and …..

Presentation Room

Parking Garage:

Stair well:  You can take the stairs all the way up to the rooms.  The stairs are a good form of exercise so I usually like to take them over the elevator except doing so SUCKS at SK Global.  There are NO windows in the stairwell so it still has that construction smell and it’s very musty and hot.  By the time I get up to my room I’m panting and can’t breath.

*If you’re living on B1 PLEASE USE THE STAIRS!  Taking the elevator up one flight is pure laziness and everyone taking the elevator with you will hate your guts.  Yea, that’s right. As soon as the door closes behind you the rest of us curse you up and down.

B2 (dorm side, only residents have access): Main Computer Room, Men’s and Women’s Laundry Room, Laundry Service, Gym, Mail boxes, Male Dorms.

This floor is also the main access into the dorm area from the lobby.

Mail room: If you have any large packages the front desk will put a note on your mail box.  You need to sign for your large packages at the front desk.

Computer room: Some don’t work.  Some are missing mice.  >.<  It’s a convenient place to sit and wait for your laundry to finish though.  Guys are always in there playing video games.

Windows only

Laundry service:  You can have your laundry cleaned for you.  Nayoung had her shoes cleaned one day and they came out pretty good.  Only open Monday – Friday.

Services and prices

Female Laundry Room:

Cost of Laundry:
Washer: 1,000won
Dryer: 500won
Detergent & Dryer sheet package: 500won
TOTAL: 2,000won

SOOO cheap compared to my school in the states!!!!

Washers, dryers, ironing, and folding table

Washers. Directions are posted about the machines in English.

Dryers. There are fewer dryers, probably because they would prefer you to hang-dry your clothes with the racks provided in the rooms. Again, directions are posted on the wall in English

Laundry necessities: detergent and dryer sheets. Also a big plastic bag to maybe carry your dirty clothes

Changer maker (so you can buy the laundry detergent and dryer sheet). Iron is available for free

I think this pictures is from the Male Laundry Room (shh!), but the Female room also has two folding tables like these



Watch TV while you work out

Or blast some KPop

B2 (The part anyone can go to): Lobby, GS 25 (convenience store, open 24/7), Cafe Kkini (cafeteria), Caribou Coffee, Burger & Shake, Nail Salon, Barounson (stationary/school supplies shop), Travel Agency, Pathways to the two nearest buildings underground.

B1-3: Male Dorms (Single and Double), Lounge (TV, water filter, computer, chairs, tables), 2 Study Rooms (one has a computer), Drying room (for laundry)

See pictures for floors 4-7 (they’re the same….just the door colors are different)

4-7: Female Dorms (Single and Double), Lounge (TV, water filter, computer, chairs, tables), 2 Study Rooms (one has a computer), Drying room (for laundry)

Elevator lobby on one of the female floors

There are two wings. The wing immediately outside the elevators is all double rooms. The wing around the corner is singles. Between the wings in the corner is a lounge. The lounge has a TV, couches, and hot/cold water dispenser.

Study room.

This is the view from the window in the elevator lobby on 5th flood.  This building is the old International House dorm.  It’d being renovated.  It should be open for the fall semester.  The layout is VERY different from SK Global.

Well!  That’s it!  I’ll post the video of the walking tour of the 5th floor soon.  All the floors are the same except B1 – B4.

9 thoughts on “Yonsei’s SK Global House

  1. Steve says:

    I can’t believe there are rooms in the basement!!!!

    That is some cheap Laundry service. I’m not sure I’d ever do mine again!

    Male and Female Laundry rooms? Why aren’t they coed?

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      It’s called the basement, but the dorm is on a hill so they are still able to have balconies and windows. I should have clarified that maybe >.<

      I'm not sure why the laundry room isn't coed. My school back home is coed and it doesn't bother me.

  2. ali says:

    how early do people usually apply in order to get the SK Global dorms? I am hoping to stay in what I’ve heard is the nicer dorm 🙂

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      EARLY!!! People apply ASAP because it’s the best dorm and therefore the hardest to get into. I was really lucky because the other dorm was under construction at the time. Don’t worry, International House really isn’t that bad if you end up staying there. The bathrooms are shared in the hallways, but other than that it’s pretty similar. Good luck!!!

  3. Alison Dow says:

    어떻게 연세 너무 보고싶어요!! 정말 오랜만이다 ㅠ.ㅠ I just came across your page somehow! i went to yonsei KLI and it was like the best experience of my life! I hope you have a great time there!! ^^

  4. Nina says:

    Hi I’m planning on studying abroad in the fall at Yonsei and I’m applying for housing at the SK Global House. Did you have issues when completing the online application for housing? For some reason, my information is not being processed correctly. Thanks!

  5. Cassis says:

    I have a question:
    the music room is for listening music or for playing an instrument/singing?
    Also, the music room is allowed to be used for women and men?

  6. kei says:

    I’m being an exchange student in the fall 2012 at Yonsei and I’m applying for housing at the SK Global House.Dose the SK Global House dorm have wi-fi or not? Thanks!:)

  7. najin says:

    Hi none of your photos seem to be working and I am really curious to see what the domrs look like, I will be going one month from now. if you still have them I would love it if you could email me 🙂 my email is najinkwak@gmail.com

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