Filming for Arirang TV Program

Thanks to Hyunwoo Sun I got the chance to be filmed for an Arirang TV program called “Today’s Blog”.  I spent the entire day today filming–minus the two hours that I had a Korean exam (oh my god we’re not going to talk about that hahaha).  I think the program is only about 5 minutes long, but we shot SO much footage!!  I can’t imagine how much footage was used for Lord of the Rings….that movie is friggen LONG!

Anyways.  My episode is going to be all about Korean Pop Idols.  I was kind of worried about doing this topic because I’m not the best fan in the world.  I don’t buy all the CDs and posters (I would if I wasn’t jobless T.T), I don’t know the names of all the members of all the groups, I haven’t memorized all of the lyrics, and I thought a group of Super Junior fans was “Elves” not ‘”E.L.F.’s”.  Oops.  Sorry Anneka >.<  However, I think I did OK!  With a little fudging here and there (like stealing Anneka’s posters to decorate my room) we made it look like I was a more of a K-pop addict than I am…and I’m already a crazy fan, so u can only imagine! haha.

I met the PD (producer) and camera man at COEX mall just before 10.  They ran through with me again what they wanted to film me doing while we waited for the mall to open at 10:30.  The first part of our filming was to take place at Evan Records.

PD님 and Camera man.  They were SO nice to me!  And very helpful because I have NO idea what I was doing.  They babied me the entire way though.

They mostly filmed we walking around the store looking at different Kpop CDs and talking a little bit about Kpop and some of the different groups.  Oh my god.  I’m horrible in front of a camera!  I felt sooo bad!  We had to do shots a few times because either I messed up or I forgot to say something. >.< I’m sorry PD님!  It was awkward because there were quite a few people in the store and they kept staring at me wondering what the heck I was doing.  At one point they had me filming the intro to my episode where I said something like “Hi! I’m Natasha and I’m a Kpop addict”  Of course RIGHT then another foreigner walks in and he gives me this, “Wow you loser” look. Hahaha.  It’s OK.  ^^  It’s true!  I am a Kpop addict! Haha.

They asked me to buy a few CDs for the filming so I picked up CN Blue‘s new mini album Blue Love and B2st‘s latest mini album Shock of the New Era.  However Arirang ended up paying for my CDs.  AH!  Thank you!!!!!  ^^

The album includes a booklet which contains pictures, thank yous from the members, and song lyrics.

The book in the album includes tons of pictures and the lyrics to all the songs.

After the CD shop we headed outside for some shots of me just walking into the mall.  It was soooo humid!  I don’t want to know how awful my hair looked.  😦

This guy is the official mascot of the 2010 World Cup.  Isn’t he cute?!!

You film me?  Then I will film you too! ^^ Haha.  Nice view of the court-yard outside COEX!

We headed back into COEX next.  They filmed me walking around looking at shop windows and taking pictures of advertisements that featured pop idols.

The inside of COEX is very hard to photograph because the lighting is so weird.  The theme is sort of like “under the sea”.  It’s a very modern looking mall.  It’s definitely somewhere that you need to visit at least once when you come to Seoul. Very nice!

Artbox PLEASE come to America!  I love this store!  All the notebooks, journals, pencil cases, etc are SO cute!  And they’re really cheap!

2NE1 are the current idols advertising with Etude House, a really popular Korean make up store.  The new products that 2NE1 is advertising are really cute!!

I love Dara’s eye makeup!

I caught you again camera!

Big Bang supporting Korea at the World Cup with BSX and Giordano.

Yoona (소녀시대/Girls’ Generation) is modeling for Innisfree’s new product called The Green Seed Serum.  Innisfree is another makeup store.

Walked by this store called Anyland.  There was some extremely cute stuff in there!  I want to go visit again!  ^^

Seohyun, Taeyeon, and Yuri (all of Girls’ Generation)  are the new models for Nintendo DS in Korea.  Those darn lights in the reflection!   T.T

Next stop Spris!  The members of 2PM are the models.

So cute!  I don’t know who the girl is though >.<

Nichkhun!  So adorable!  I know he hates being called cute…but too bad!  It’s true!!

Taecyeon!  SO good-looking!  And quite a good actor too!  Did you guys watch him in Cinderella’s Sister?!  If you haven’t go watch it NOW!

A bunch of children interrupted our shooting, but it was OK with me.  They were so darn cute!!

Awww ❤

Lunch = McDonalds on the go.  This is McCafe, they don’t have these at the McDonalds near me.  This is a separate counter inside the store that just sells coffee and ice cream. So smart!  No need to wait in long lines for these simple items!

We ate our lunch in the car on the way to Yonsei.  When we got to Yonsei Anneka joined us for the filming.  She was my pretend roommate for a few hours haha.  Since I don’t have many kpop idol merchandise Anneka let me borrow a ton of her posters and everything she had bought at the Dream Concert.  The PD also brought a stack of CDs to use as props.  We did some shots of me talking about “my” kpop merchandise collection, me and Anneka talking about why we like kpop so much, me and Anneka drooling over the new hot bodies of Super Junior, and me typing away at my computer.

They let me keep a signed copy of Secret‘s mini album Magic and some signed U-Kiss posters.  WOW!!! Thank you!!!! ^^

The book included in the album includes TONS of pictures, thank yous from the girls, and the song lyrics.

Anneka and I had the first part of our Korean exam at 4 so we quickly wrapped up the filming and Anneka and I went off to fail our test.  Woot!  Oh my god, that test was ridiculous!  SO much harder than the midterm and I studied harder this time!!! Ah!

After the final Anneka and I ran to the subway to go to Konkuk University.  This is where Arirang’s new music show M-Wave is filmed.  Cool!  I didn’t know that!!

It was SO humid and it took us quite a while to find the right building but we knew we were in the right place when we saw this banner hanging on a van.  These are the MCs of M-Wave:  Thunder (천둥 Cheondoong) of MBLAQ and Krystal of F(x).

Anneka posing with a banner inside the building.  Anneka, thank you SO much for coming with me!  ❤

M-Wave is a pretty new music show so there’s not a lot of the top idols.  Therefore the amount of fans waiting to get in was small in comparison with other music shows.  However, they the fans just as loud and supportive for their favorite idol groups!

The stage!

This guy was beatboxing for us.  He was really good!  He also told us that we weren’t allowed to take pictures during the filming.   Damn!  Well….I snuck some anyways!  Hehe.  They didn’t turn out really nice though 😦  I’m not sure when this episode will air, but after it airs you can watch it on the Arirang website!

Monday Kiz.   They sang 가지마 (Don’t go) and Scattered.  We actually got to see them perform twice, rehearsal and the recoding. They have really voices!!  Don’t Go is really good!  After the show this song was stuck in my head all night until I got back home.  Worst part was I don’t know any of the lyrics except for two words >.<  OK, that’s going to change! Haha.

This is the 7 member group 인피니트 Infinite.  They’re a really new group but I LOVE their song 다시 돌아와 (Come Back Again).  Their dance was so good!  You can tell how hard they trained.  They were soooo in sync it was amazing!  They had some incredible foot work going on too! Very Michael Jackson.  The one is the hat is my favorite!  He’s so cute!

I became a real fan of them today!

Haha, is he supposed to be facing the other direction???  Haha ❤

This is the infamous Apple Girl, Kim Yeo Hee.  Her nickname is Apple Girl because pre–debut she uploaded two videos on YouTube of her playing music using applications on her iPhones (yes, multiple iPhones!) and singing.  Her voice is actually really amazing!! However your fashion sense….not so much.  She wore a nice sparkly black dress but there were strips of what Anneka accurately described as long pieces of seaweed hanging off.

셈버 December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤  I love them!  They sang two songs and were AMAZING as always!  This was my second time seeing them.  I saw them at the Dream Concert.  I can’t get over how good they are!! And they are really good looking in person!  The performed 별이될께 (Tears In Heaven) and one other song.

청림 Chunglim is another newish singer.  He debuted in 2009, but I don’t think that his song was too popular.  After a quick Google search to check the Korean spelling of his name I found an article about him from 2009 that I remember.  Him and AJ (now part of B2st) debuted a the same time and they were called rivals.  They even had a dance off.  I think that AJ was a little more popular than Chunglim because since then I’ve heard more about AJ than Chunglim.  However he’s back and better than ever!

He performed two songs, First Class and Face.  I admit, I forgot all about knowing him last year, however Anneka knew who he was and she went crazy when he walked out on stage.  While he was standing on stage with his backup dancers there was a little girl in the audience yelling “I love you!” to him.  It was soooo cute!  The entire auditorium was quiet except for her. Chunglim was laughing and smiling at her.  More about this little girl later….  Chunglim was AMAZING!  I was a fan 10 seconds into First Class.  When he performed the second song Face he was wearing some really sparkly gloves and shoes with really sparkly buckles.  LOVED the shoes!  His voice is amazing and his dancing is outstanding as well!  Yea, I’m a fan for sure!

Davichi was also there.  I love them!  They really have some of the best female voices in Korea.

There were also some other groups that performed: MtoM, JK Kim Dong-wook, Rumble Fish, Flower, J. Rich, and Electro Boys.  Some of the groups/singers I’ve never heard of before.

After the show we got to go back stage!!!!!  Guess who we got to meet!  CHUNGLIM!!!!  I was shaking like crazy even though I had just found out who he was haha.  Am I crazy?

He’s like the nicest guy ever!  He came out of the dressing room and shook our hands and introduced himself to us. Oh my god he’s so tall!  PD님 told him what we were filming for and he had no problem taking part in some of the filming.  They filmed us saying “This is Chunglim’s dressing room, let’s go in and say ‘hi'”.  We walked in said hi and that we were fans and then he started talking really fast in Korean.  I’m not sure what he was saying, I just nodded and smiled……and was shaking inside. He had to film this introduction part like three times.  I kept apologizing to him but he was SO nice about it!  Oh my god he’s such a great person!

I remember saying “우리 팬이에요” = We are your fans.  “다른 의국인 팬 만났어요?” = Have you met other foreign fans?  And he said No!  We are his first foreign fans that he’s ever met!!!!!!!  ^^  Great….we looked absolutely disgusting from the heat and the nervous sweating.  Chunglim Oppa!  I promise we look much prettier in places with air conditioner!!  Haha.

When we asked for his autograph he surprised us with his CD!  He signed them personally for us with our names and everything!  It’s the first time I’ve gotten a signature from anyone famous!!!

Did I mention how down to earth he was?  Man, he was soooo nice!!  He did an interview on the camera and at the end he said something like “Kpop Idols, fighting!” and then did the cutest hand sign ever!  I don’t know what it’s called but I think Tiffany of Girls’ Generation made this really popular.  Make the V sign with your index and middle finger and then you bend them  up and down like bunny ears.  Oh my god it was so cute!!!!!  I really hope that makes it onto the program!! Going to screen capture that and make it my desktop!  Haha!

(omg I look horribleeee T.T)

I’ve already listened to the CD three times while writing this blog!  It’s so good!

To Natasha!  That’s me!

“Be Happy” and a smiley face!  Omg he’s so cute! ❤

When Chunglim finished up with the interview we said thank you to him and his manager (?) again before leaving the building.  Outside near the parking lot was the little girl with her mom.  I swear she was about 5 or 6!!  Chunglim and he manager exited the building soon after us and as soon as he appeared the little girl when running and jumped right in front of him.  Chunglim said hi and I think he patted her on the head.  It was soooo cute!  I wish I had my camera out! >.<  The little girl and her mom followed Chunglim out to his car.  They were other there for a while, not sure what was going on because there were trees blocking the way and I was recording for the voice over.  However a few minutes later I heard the little girl yell good bye and Chunglim yelled goodbye out the window as they drove away.  SO CUTE!

So Chunglim met his first foreigner fans and his youngest fan today!

Today was such a great day!  Even though I was really nervous and really rubbish at this whole recording thing I’m really proud of myself.  When Arirang first contacted me about doing the program I said ‘no way!’ at first.  I’m glad that I changed my mind and decided to be brave and do something different.

Thank you SO much to Arirang, PD님, and our camera man for giving me this great opportunity and babying me through the entire process.  It’s another part of my trip to Korea that I will never every forget.   I hope that the film is ok >.< and I can’t wait to see the final product!  Thank you!

I’ll let you guys know when the episode is going to air and I’ll post a link to watch the video when it’s online!

Ok….I think my computer is officially going to explode any day now from all the new pictures and music!   I’m sorry Macbook.  Just wait until I can get you back to America and backup your hard drive…you can explode after that if you want.  ^^

Want to go watch M-Wave yourself?

Since M-Wave is pretty new not many people go, I’m pretty sure you’re guaranteed to get in.  Filming is in 세천년 (New Millennium Hall) at Konkuk University.  Take the green line 2 to Konkuk University and go out exit two.  Cross the street and keep walking straight until you reach the entrance of the university.  When you under on the left there’s a huge map.  Use this map to find your way.  There are many signs on the way directing where this building is.  You’ll know you found the building because outside there should be a truck with a big banner of Krystal and Thunder and maybe some other Arirang cars.  Filming is Tuesdays at 7pm but you should arrive before 6:30pm.  You can find the schedule of who will attend that weeks shooting here.


13 thoughts on “Filming for Arirang TV Program

  1. teehee says:

    OMG YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! i’m so jealous!
    btw, it’s so weird seeing your pictures of coex because i was just there a few days ago, and i feel like i took pictures of some of the same things you did… haha xD

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      Never say ‘no’ to any opportunities. Just go for it, no matter how scared you are. ….That’s what I learned from this Arirang experience! ^^
      But yes, very lucky ^^ hehe. I’m glad that I can share it with you guys though! I can’t wait until the episode is up!

  2. stefy says:

    yes i think that too!
    if you have the chance, grab it, u can never know if it will ever happen again!
    be sure to take all the chance u get! =P
    and thanx for sharing!^^

  3. AvyLee says:

    hy,I’m Avy from Indonesia. it was AMAZING!! and you know what? I knew abt this blog when I was watching this film aired..
    how lucky you are.
    hope you could tell us ur other experiences..

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      Hi Avy! Thanks for reading my blog! It really means a lot to me.
      The program was OK??? haha!! I hope I can see it soon!!
      Of course I will update you guys with everything that I do!

  4. MissWooYoung says:

    Hey Girl!!!I just watched you and you was amazing 🙂 U’re so lucky!!! ~ How do u get an Interview with Arirang Tv???Can u explain it to me please? I think it was a great experience for you to Meet Chung Lim 🙂 U didn’t look bad!!! ~

  5. misswooyoung says:

    Hi i’m Hajaf from Italy!!!I just watched u and you was Fantastic!!!I think it was a great experince for you 🙂 U know, you’re SO LUCKY!!! Can u explain PLEASE me how did u get an interview with arirang tv???U did’t look bad trust me 🙂 ~ i Hope that u’ll reply soon!!!All my family watched you u know? 🙂

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      Hey! Thanks so much! You’re soo kinda!! ^^
      Actually Hyunwoo from TalkToMeInKorean read my blog and when Arirang contacted him asking for English bloggers he suggested me and a few others. It was truly an honor and a shock that I was asked to do it!

  6. clarisse macola (@clarissemacola_) says:

    hi natasha!!! i just watched you on airang’s todays blog!!! oh my your sooo lucky!!! you got to explore south korea (my dream detination >_<) and be seen on t.v. you looked pretty you know!!! by the way im from PHILIPPINES… I LOVE GIRLS GENERATION AND IM A DIE HARD FAN!! SO I LOVE IT WHEN YOU TOOK PICTURES OF THEM!!! HAHA


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