Rules of SK Global House

Because many people asked, here are ALL of the SK Global House rules.  These are taken from the booklet I was given when I moved in.  These could change without notice

The House could force eviction to residents who get more than 100 penalty points during the semester (50 during vacation season).

  • Theft (Food in the common refrigerator, mail, laundry and laundry related items, etc) Termination of Occupancy
  • Outrageous and violent behavior Termination of Occupancy
  • The use, possession, and/or distribution of illicit drugs Termination of Occupancy
  • Trespassing Termination of Occupancy
  • Residents many not enter the other genders floor Termination of Occupancy
  • Duplicating and/or transferring of ID cards Termination of Occupancy
  • Residents may not allow non-residents to stay in their rooms over night Termination of Occupancy
  • Altering ID cards and manipulating passing records Termination of Occupancy
  • Entering with non-residents 70-Termination of Occupancy
  • Voluntarily operating the door-lock and using the password with ong term 50-Termination of Occupancy (NOTE: I have NO idea what they’re talking about here! yes, that’s their spelling mistake, not mine!)
  • Loss of ID card 10 each
  • Non-possession of ID card 3 each
  • Staying out overnight without permission/report 10 each
  • Excessively staying out overnight (over 10 times per month)  10 each
  • Rejecting and dishonestly recording their passing during curfew 10 each (NOTE: There is no curfew…this is possibly from the old IHouse rules)
  • Curfew Violation 5 points (Note: like i said….no curfew.)
  • Drinking in school, including grounds around SK Global house. 50-Termination of Occupancy
  • Inappropriate behavior after drinking 50-Termination of Occupancy
  • Smoking 50-Termination of Occupancy (note: i see people smoking ALL the time.  Even on their balconies)
  • Cooking in the rooms 50-Termination of Occupancy
  • Prohibited electrical appliances 50-Termination of Occupancy
  • Damage to SK Global House facilities Termination of Occupancy and Readmission forbidden
  • Failure to clean when checking-out Readmission Forbidden
  • Uncleanliness 20 each (NOTE: They do room checks. every once in a while)
  • Decorating and painting the room 20 each (NOTE Taping posters is OK I think.  They just don’t want you putting holes in the wall or moving furniture)
  • Attaching or distributing notices or posters without permission  20 each
  • Abandoning trash in front of room and/or shared spaces, including public bathrooms 20 each
  • Not throwing away trash in the specific trash bags 20 each
  • Throwing away trash out the window 20 each
  • Not separating recyclable materials 10 each
  • Failure of payment by the established deadlines 30
  • Giving personal information falsely to SK Global House 30
  • Other behavioral disorders in the SK Global House (eg. attempting suicide or creating a disturbance, threatening of murder or blackmail, disobeying regulations) Termination of Occupancy
  • Not following guidance and displaying disobedience  50-Termination of Occupancy
  • Selling of merchandise, conspiracy 50-Termination of Occupancy
  • Raising pets 50-Termination of Occupancy
  • Eg. Spreading viruses, using fixed IP, viewing pornography in public places, etc 50-Termination of Occupancy
  • Singing loudly (lobby, around SK Global house and on the grass) 50-Termination of Occupancy
  • Not attending floor meetings without reason 10 each (NOTE: never had a floor meeting)
  • Not following fixed dates and regulations/notices 10 each

I heard of at least 3 people getting kicked out.  Not sure if they are true or rumors.  2 boys were kicked out because they were drinking (not sure if it was alcohol or not) on the girl’s floor.  1 girl was kicked out because she had a non-resident staying in her room.  AGAIN, not sure how true this is.

I’ve heard of a lot of people getting penalty points for being on the floor of the opposite gender.  However, people are still not following this rule.

I don’t know if the rules will change.  Maybe they will be come more strict?  I don’t know.  Right now they’re not strict about a lot of rules…anyways, this place is too big for them to watch everyone.

Anyways, hope this answers some of your questions.


7 thoughts on “Rules of SK Global House

  1. CL says:

    Do they have like.. security cameras or something? Or are people just constantly patrolling to check up these things?

    How would they even know if you stay out overnight?

    Thanks so much for posting these. Very interesting yet also very.. disappointing how strict they are. It’s almost like a dictatorship. Goodness.

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      Yes, there are security cameras everywhere. they’re everywhere in Seoul as well.
      I think they know if u stay out overnight because of ur ID card. You need to swipe your card when you enter and leave the dorm part of the building. I don’t know if they monitor it closely. You are supposed to sign out in the book at the desk if u are staying out over night. I’ve stayed out over night twice and both times I forgot to sign the book. They never asked me about it. *shrug*

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      Click here to see the room rates on their website. ^^ Next fall the old International House will be open from it’s renovations. I heard it’s cheaper. The rooms are different (ex: no bathrooms in the room. Bathroom is in the corridor.)
      No meal plan so you have to buy all of your meals. So make sure you take that into consideration!

  2. 刘薇薇 says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Natasha! 🙂 It looks a bit expensive for me. I’m thinking of looking into staying off campus. I think you mentioned that the application process was tough. What made it tough?

  3. saveeastasianstudies says:

    Not too sure who you are (just bombed on your blog by accident) but living here right now and to be honest I’ve had a friend staying over for over 3 months in my room at sk global house and nothing ever happened lol despite the cameras~

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