Breakfast in Sinchon

WordPress is pretty awesome.  It lets you know how people stumble upon your blog.  I check the stats every once in a while because I’m curious as to how my readers find me.

Frequently I’ve seen “breakfast sinchon”  on the list.  I never really talked about it, so I guess I will!

If you want breakfast food in Sinchon you don’t have much of a choice.  There are two options.  1) Paris Baguette 2) Honey Berries Cafe.

1. Paris Baguette

Dan from did a  short review on the breakfast from Paris Croissant….I’m pretty sure that the breakfasts are the same at both places (owned by the same company).  I didn’t even know that Paris Croissant served breakfast… Anyways!  I doesn’t look worth the expensive price that I remember it being.

They do of course sell pastries and other baked goods.  I had a muffin there once.  It was a corn muffin I think.  It tasted like plastic.

2. Honey Berrys

This is a cafe on the 2-4th floors of a building in Sinchon.  Along with their drinks selection they have a VERY wide selection of pancake and waffle choices.  No, they’re not the best pancakes and waffles, but they taste fine.  Some of the come with ice cream too!  Prices aren’t too bad.  I think the most expensive one was under W20,000 and that included pancakes, waffles, and ice cream….probably could fill at least three people.  By the way, pancakes and waffles are considered a dessert here, hence the ice cream and tonsss of whip cream.

Here’s my post from when I shared pancakes with Nayoung there.

Honey Berrys would be my pick.  I personally love this cafe.  Nayoung got me hooked on it.  It’s a great place to study because not many people go there. Nayoung and I sat on the 4th floor for quite a few hours alone!  No one but a worker came up until shortly before we decided to head home.  It was great!

How to get to Honey Berrys:

In Sinchon station head toward exits 7 and 8 but follow the signs for the department store.  Follow the underground path (don’t get distracted by the pretty things they sell!)  all the way to Cold Stone and up the two escalators.   Cross the major intersection diagonally and walk north toward Yonsei . The cafe is on the second floor (i think it’s before you come to Angel-in Us).  Outside on the sidewalk is a display of plastic pancakes and waffles…you can’t miss it.

If you know of any good breakfast places in the Sinchon area please let me know!  ^^

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