Thursday May 13th marked the end of the May festivities at Yonsei.  The big ending event was AKARAKA (which I gave some facts about in my last blog).  I went with the Mentors Club group which meant that I was a VIP.  We were supposed to meet with the club at 11am, however I didn’t show up until after 3pm because I didn’t want to miss my morning classes (I had a midterm due).  A friend called me to tell me where I needed to go and when she said VIP I pictured comfy seats in a less crazy section of the amphitheater.  WRONG.  VIP meant we were the ones standing right in front of the stage!  Yea, we had to stand for 7 hours, my feet are still hurting, but it was SO worth it!

VIP stamp

The event started at 3:30, but there weren’t a lot of people in the amphitheater.  Even our VIP section was pretty empty.  I was a little disappointed,  however that meant that I got to stand right against the gate.  I did have one person in front of me, but she wasn’t tall so I was able to get some good pictures and video.

The event started off with a ton of cheers.  I couldn’t believe how many there were when Nayoung showed me the AKARAKA website.  The amount of school spirit in that place was crazy.  I think if you have this much school spirit in America you’re a loser.  It was so much fun.  Everyone was putting their arms around the stranger next to them and having a blast together.  I wish we had things like this in America.  There was one other thing that I thought was amazing.  Students from Korea University, Yonsei’s rival, are also invited to the event and Yonsei students are invited to Korea’s similar festival.  In the video you can see a ton of blue and then some red here and there, the red is Korea.  You can see that the Korean University students are right there doing the cheers just as loud and with just as much enthusiasm.  This, to me, is truly a great thing that you don’t see in America. In America we’d boo you and throw stuff at you if any outsider was sitting within our group.  Go Korea.

One of the hosts. Damn I think he had the most school spirit. He was sooo enthusiastic (see video).

After a ton of cheering some of the clubs/groups of Yonsei got to put on performances.  There were rappers, dancers, singers, and poppers.

This is the pop and lock group. They were pretty good. There was a girl too (green pants). I was impressed. Didn’t get a video of them.

Around 5pm I turned around again and saw that the stadium was really starting to fill up.

New Balance was a sponsor for the event.  They had a dance competition on stage to give away free shoes and t-shirts to audience members.  It was pretty entertaining.  Didn’t get any additional video or pictures.  I didn’t think it was going to be as funny as it was. Sorry 😦

No one knew who the famous guests where going to be.  So the announcers came on stage and gave us little hints…I didn’t understand much of the first one except that it was a girl.  Haha.  It turned out to be Bada from S.E.S.  I admit, I didn’t know who she was at first.  And I didn’t recognize the first song she sang, so I wasn’t as hyped.  However when she started singing “Mad” I knew who she was and whipped out my camera.


Her pants ripped so she had to wear a sweatshirt around her waist >.< She asked us not to post her pictures on the internet….. hehe. Sorry Bada. I still love you! haha

I think it was at this point that the girl in front of me for SOME reason decided to leave so of course I jumped at the chance and took her spot at the gate.

Next up…. BEAST!  I admit I’m not a HUGE fan of them, but I know their songs.  They were sooo good-looking!  The sang ‘Mystery’ first, followed by the slower ‘Oasis’ which they sang to a lucky audience member, and they closed with Shock.  I think I’m a bigger fan now. >.<

The lucky girl that got sang to!

Next….. 4Minute!  Not a huge fan of them either….OK I wasn’t a huge fan of any one that came that night, but I was still really familiar with their songs because they were all really really popular. Anyways.  4Minute was super sexy.  So skinnyyyy.  Ah!  They sang For Muzik, Muzik, What A Girl Wants, and Hot Issue.  I accidentally deleted the video of Muzik. AH!

Hyuna. Def the audience’s favorite

This next group I have no idea who they were.  Sorry.  I’m thinking they’re from some TV show.  But I do know that the light-haired guy is Jinwoon from 2AM!!!!!! *squee* I got really excited when I saw him because I figured that 2AM would come on later….I was wrong 😦  Really sad about that.  Anyways.  They talked for a longggg time and I didn’t understand any of it.  They got Hyuna to dance some of her solo single Change, which the crowd had been yelling for.  They also had the crowd hold up this huge banner…no idea what it was for.  Can anyone read it and let me know?  Then they sang a song which I’ve never heard of before but it included the 대한민국 (teahanminguk, Republic of Korea) cheer.

She was really shy about dancing to ‘Change’

Then Park Hyunbin came out and sang two trot songs.  Not sure what the first one was (lemme know in the comments!  I’m curious) but the second one was Shabang, Shabang.

Next up was a group I wasn’t familiar with at all….but everyone was really excited for them.  DJ Doc.  They are a Korean Hip Hop group that was mostly active in the 90s and early 2000s but everyone knew their songs and was singing along.  They were quite entertaining with their “Uh Huhhhh!”s so it was enjoyable for me even though I was unfamiliar with them.

Included in video: Yonsei dance group, DJ Doc, and the group that I don’t know that included Jinwoon of 2AM.

After Dr Doc we had a break from the celebrities for a little while.  Did some more cheers and a band preformed.  I think this is when we also learned the new Yonsei Cheer that was to the tune of Phantom of the Opera.

Next…..Drunken Tiger, another really famous hip hop group.  I’m familiar with them, but I didn’t know all of the songs.  Man….it was louddd when they were on stage!!  The guy with long hair is Tiger JK, not sure who the other one is.  >.< haha. After the first song  Tiger JK’s wife, Yoon Mi Rae (American name NATASHA!  ^^), A.K.A. Tasha, came out and she rapped the remaining songs with them.

They gave these towels to everyone when they walked in….everyone except me.  What the heck? I’m sad.  I wanted to hand it over my bed at college in America.  😦  Anyone have an extra?

He jumped into the crowd…hes making his way over my way…

There was a big box on the other side of the fence right in front of me. He saw it and decided to jump up on it.

So he jumps up on the box, everyone behind me starts pushing forward, the security is flipping out and what happens to me? At this moment I currently have Tiger JK’s crotch in my face (ok…not really, but it’s RIGHT there!).  I was taking a picture because I wanted a pic of him when he was just standing in front of me, but my camera takes pictures slowly so by the time it was ready to take the picture his crotch was there so like the polite person I am I blocked it with my hand.  I saved you from some embarrassing crotch pictures Tiger JK!

Next… AFTER SCHOOL! UEE was not there 😦  She’s busy with her other activities, so I was sad.  They sang (lip synced I’m pretty sure) 너 때문에 Because of You, BANG!, and Diva.

Last but not least, PSY. PSY is another Korean hip hop artist, but his songs and performances are comedic.  I admit, when he walked out on stage I thought it was Kang Ho Dong >.<  My eyes are not that great haha.  PSY was the main act of the night so he performed for the longest amount of time. Man, he was crazy.  He was jumping everywhere, throwing water all over himself and the audience.  The security guards were getting pissed because they kept getting wet.  Then the audience started throwing water back at PSY….I was a mess >.<

It was hard to get nice pictures of him. Besides my camera being crap, he also jumped and ran around a lot

Again, not really familiar with him because he was mostly active in the early 2000s before I got into Korean culture and music, but I knew a few of the songs.  Only took a little bit of video because my video camera was running out of battery 😦 Sorry.

After PSY the Yonsei band and chorus performed some Yonsei cheers.   THEN there were fireworks and the AKARAKA dancers came back sporting colorful Renaissance clothing and danced their hearts out again.  One of the girls was so unto it she almost fell while throwing her arms around. Haha.  I felt soo bad for them, it was pretty hot and their clothing was really heavy so they were dying but they never stopped smiling.

I really enjoyed AKARAKA.  For me it was TOTALLY worth the 10,000won, the waiting, and the standing for 8 hours.  I know that some of the other foreigners were disappointed, but I think that’s because they didn’t know any of the singers or songs.  I wish that my school in America had as much school spirit as Yonsei.  Our one and only cheer seems so dull and boring now with its four words and no dance moves.


2 thoughts on “AKARAKA 2010

  1. Jessica says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! I still can’t belive you saw B2ST from that close!!!! and of course you HAVE to be a fan once you see them!! haha

    I can’t belive you took more pics from 4Minutes than B2ST 😦

    anyway, lucky you!!!!!!!! x)

  2. Barbara says:

    I attended AKARAKA the year before and it was the most amazing experience ever. No school pep rally that I have gone to in America compares to that “ONE NIGHT (ONLY)”. Tasha tore up the stage too, even performed an encore. Love her. Thanks for sharing your moment.

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