Clazziquai 클래지콰이

When I got back from my Korean class Nayoung told me that Clazziquai was coming to Yonsei for a performance later on.  I squealed and begged her for more details.

The event started at 6pm, but I didn’t show up until after 6:30 because I knew that Clazziquai would be the closing part of the event.  The event was…I don’t even know what it was.  It was held by Yonsei Broadcasting Station though.  They showed a lot of funny commercials that YSB made.  They played games on the stage with people from the audience and gave away awesome prizes like a netbook computer and iPod.  The event was held in the “forest” of Yonsei, so there were no seats, everyone had to sit on the ground. They were nice enough to give us pieces of cardboard boxes to sit on though! ^^ Trees were an issue when trying to film and take pictures >.<

The hosts were all dressed up in fancy clothes.

Right and Wrong game.

By 8pm my butt was really starting to hurt and I was getting really cold.  “Should I leave?” kept running through my mind.  But then, guess what appeared…

That’s right!  That’s a celebrity van!  They had arrived!

The stopped the games and the music started and out walk Alex and Horan of Clazziquai!  Some people moved closer to the stage but Every stayed seated, so I was really happy.  However after the first song Horan said something and everyone came RUNNING up to the front.  I got stuck behind a group of tall guys (of course!) so I had to watch the remainder of the concert on my video camera screen while I filmed.  (Videos are in the process of uploading!  Will post later!)

They sounded AMAZING!  NO they didn’t lip sync. They sound great live, exactly like the CD.  They preformed two songs I knew, Lover Boy and She Is, and two songs that I wasn’t as familiar with but it was still really enjoyable.   They were really funny too…OK I didn’t understand but everyone else was laughing.  Apparently Horan is an alumni of Yonsei because everyone kept calling her the Korean words which means upperclassmen 선배 (seonbae).

Here are my pictures.  They are mostly stills from the videos I took because NONE of my pictures on my camera came out good.

Alex and Horan.  Alex, why are you wearing sunglasses?  It’s dark!!  I think Horan was making fun of him at one point because of his sunglasses.

Alex rapping

Alex screaming

His smilee!!!!

Jealousss of that girl!

Lucky girl won a prize AND gets to hug Alex!

Whoa Horan, haha.  Getting a hug from a fan who just won a prize (netbook or ipod…can’t remember).  Alex is just laughing there in the background haha.

More videos soon!



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