Ilsan Lake Park

No school or work today because it’s a Korean national holiday! Today, May 5th, was Children’s Day!

Today I went with my language exchange partner, Eunyoung, and her friend Sun to the Ilsan Lake Park in Ilsan.  Ilsan it right next to Seoul.  From Yonsei we hoped on the red 1000 bus (meaning that it goes outside Seoul) and in about 30 minutes we arrived.  The walk to the park isn’t long.  Maybe 10 minutes?  I don’t know exactly how to get there because we took a detour to Sun’s neighborhood before heading to the park.

The weather was pretty cloudy, but the temperature and humidity were high.  The park was packed!  There were tons of families there (and couples too!) having picnics, walking, riding bikes for two, flying kites, etc.  We walked around the park talking for quite a while.  And it was a good thing.  We were working off all the calories we were about to eat.

100_4132 by na.hyeli.

Proceed to see my stalker pictures of cute children and other random people.  Haha.

100_4131 by na.hyeli.

100_4063 by na.hyeli.

100_4049 by na.hyeli.

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There was a flower festival going on.

100_4087 by na.hyeli.

100_4088 by na.hyeli.

100_4096 by na.hyeli.

100_4084 by na.hyeli.

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Inside the flower art exhibit.  We didn’t pay to go in because the exhibit started a while ago and the flowers were all turning brown.  I took a few pictures from over the fence.

100_4097 by na.hyeli.

100_4122 by na.hyeli.

100_4123 by na.hyeli.

100_4111 by na.hyeli.
Saw this place from a bridge.  It looked really familiar.  I’m like 99% sure that there was a scene in 미남이시네요 (a.k.a You’re Beautiful) filmed here.  The scene were Hwang Tae-kyung apparently throws Go Mi-nyeo’s ring into the water and she spends all night looking for it.

(Screen captions by

Looks like it right??

100_4125 by na.hyeli.
Outdoor gym!  There are pretty popular in Korea….don’t think we have these in America, correct me if I’m wrong.  They’re pretty interesting.  Lots of older people were there working out.  Some of the machines were kind of weird.

100_4127 by na.hyeli.

100_4128 by na.hyeli.

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100_4061 by na.hyeli.

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100_4042 by na.hyeli.

100_4106 by na.hyeli.
Pink bike. Pink shoes.  Pink stockings.  Pink skirt. Pink shirt.  Pint tiara.  Do you think she likes pink???? (Or rather, her mother.)

100_4098 by na.hyeli.

Around 5pm we went on a search for someplace to eat.  First we ended up at Western Dom.  An part outdoor mall (I think this place was also in You’re Beautiful 미남이시네요). The place that Eunyoung wanted to take us to had no room available.  I was reading the sign out front and it said something about “dinner and a show”.  I’m sure it was really expensive, so I’m glad we didn’t end up going there.

Western Dom had sooooooo many interesting places to eat!  And there were a few really friggen cute cafes that I would have loved to stop at….I’m sure they were really expensive though.

100_4134 by na.hyeli.
We passed MBC on the way.  MBC is one of the top broadcasting stations in Korea.   I was on the look out for stars…didn’t see any 😦  However I did see a celebrity van!!  …It was empty 😦

100_4135 by na.hyeli.

100_4136 by na.hyeli.
Near Western Dom.

100_4139 by na.hyeli.
Didn’t get a picture of the sign in the front of Western Dom, so here is a banner that was hanging inside.

100_4137 by na.hyeli.
When I walked in this place also looked familiar!  I think another scene from You’re Beautiful was shot here!  Cool!  ^^

100_4138 by na.hyeli.

100_4141 by na.hyeli.
We sat in KFC while waiting for our restaurant to open for dinner.  Why are there so many KFCs here?  KFC, Cold Stone, and Baskin Robins 31 are just a few examples of the American chains that are more popular here in Korean than in America.

We ended up eating at Venice Family Buffet (in a building across the street from Western Dom).  There was SO much food.  And I think it was the best buffet restaurant I’ve ever gone to.  They had everything.  Sushi, pasta, french fries, steak, salad, fruit, meat, meat, and more meat.  And of course they had cake, ddeok, cookies, and ice cream for dessert.  We went up for food 4 times and each time came back with our plates fullllll.  (The fourth time was just fruit and ddeok!!)  The buffet was W30,000 per adult.  Kind of expensive…so I’m glad I ate A LOT!  Next time Eunyoung, you better let me pay for something!!!!!!!!!

100_4142 by na.hyeli.
Round 1. Chicken salad.  Some sort of sushi. mixed rice.  tofu with spicy sauce on it.  jabchae (sweet potato noodles), and vegetable pancakes.

100_4144 by na.hyeli.
The room we sat in was used for a birthday celebration. This was the center table…it was crazy.   Picture doesn’t really do it any justice.

I’m not eating for a few days.


5 thoughts on “Ilsan Lake Park

  1. Marie Frenette says:

    Hi Natasha,
    I haven’t been there yet but it looks great! I just spent the afternoon riding bikes on the Hangang River…. Sooooooo nice!

    Oh, by the way…
    Japjae noodles might sound better if you say clear noodles instead of clean (not dirty). But even better, sweet potato noddles .

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      Hi Jin!
      Cherry blossom viewing…….Hmmmm…yes, i believe it is! I don’t think i was there when the cherry blossoms were in bloom, but from what I have read on the internet it is! Check out this link: it brings you to a page on the Office Site of Korean Tourism which lists of a bunch of places to visit in the spring. At the top of the list are the best places to see Cherry Blossoms. But you can see the trees ALL over the city! It is sooooo pretty! These are just the palces where there area LOT of them together.
      I hope you get to enjoy them this year. Last year while I was there it rained almost throughout the entire time they were in there was just a mess on the ground 😦

  2. Seo yoon-jeong says:

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