Namsan Tower

Sunday I met up with Ophelia and we went to Namsan Tower.  There are three ways to get to the tower.  1) Walk.  The walk is pretty long and winds up the mountain.  2) Cable car from the base of the mountain.   3) Bus (and then a short 5-10 minute walk up).  We opted for the bus for a few reasons.   First, it was cheaper.  The bus would be free for us since we were both transferring from the subway. Second, it was pretty hot so we didn’t want to walk and be all sweaty and gross.  The bus ride was crazy.  The bus driver was speeding around all the turns, those of us who were standing on the bus were getting flung in every direction.  We were so happy to get off of the bus!

We walked up the short distance to the tower.  There is an overview that is free to go to and I highly recommend it.  If you don’t want to pay to go up to the top of the tower, please at least go here!  This spot is very popular for couples.  They bring locks which they write about their love for each other on (*pukes*) and then lock them there so their love will be forever.  The couples even throw away the keys over the railing…which is dangerous to those climbing up the mountain.  There’s a sign that is hardly visible now asking people to not throw away their keys.

Warning: This post is heavy on the pictures!

Inside on the ground level they had the “Love Wall” (I think).  You can buy a tile and paste it on the wall.

We went up to the observation deck of the tower and looked around.  It was cool that they had signs on the windows letting you know what cities were in that direction. The view was really nice!  It wasn’t too smoggy so we were able to see pretty far.  I could have stayed there forever just watching the city.  I want to go back again, but this time at night.

There’s a roof in this pictures with the Korean flag painted on top of it. This pic is too small to see it 😦  Go to my flickr account to see it.  (Link in the sidebar!)

We ate lunch two floors below the observation deck at the restaurant called Hancook.  When we bought our tickets we got the lunch at Hancook + Observation tower bundle because the price was pretty cheap.  There were four main dishes to choose from.   I got the bulgogi, and Ophelia got another type of meat.  With the meal there is a buffet with TONS of Korean foods to choose from!  Dumplings, soups, salads, ddeok, kimchi pancakes, fruit, traditional korean desserts, ice cream, and tons more that I’m completely blanking on!  The food was really good.  We were at the restaurant for quite a while just talking and staring out the window at the Han river.  We didn’t want to leave.  I think we were there about two hours!!

Ophelia’s food.


From the buffet.  Mandu, ddeok, salad, and carrot  and kimchi pancakes hidden under there somewhere.

There are other restaurants at the Namsan Tower.  There is A Twosome Place cafe on the floor below the observation deck.  Above the observation deck there is a fancier restaurant that rotates.  On the ground floor there were two places as well.

After words we went down to the ground floor for a while.

Someone took a photo of us with the cherry blossoms.  This spot was a VERY popular spot for making children pose cutely for the camera by their parents.  Korean children are expert models.

The subway station looked like a cave……no idea why!

If you want to know more about Namsan Tower click HERE for the website.


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