Breakfast for Lunch in Sinchon

Today Nayoung and I decided to have breakfast for lunch in Sinchon.  When another friend and I went to Honey Berries back in February I saw their huge selection of waffles and pancakes so I had always wanted to return there to try it out.

Nayoung and I split the Ice Cream Pancakes.  You get two scoops of ice cream, banana slices, and syrup on the side with two good sized pancakes.  There were about 5 or six ice cream choices to choose from and maybe 4 syrup choices.  We decided on Strawberry and Vanilla ice cream with the strawberry syrup. The pancakes were far from the best pancakes in the world, but I was so happy to eat pancakes….and just American breakfast in general.  I’m so sick of plain bread for breakfast.  I think this meal was just under W7000.  Surely good for two people on a date or a filling breakfast for one.  Oh, and they do have regular syrup for you to use as well.  (Not as tasty as the Vermont syrup T.T)

After pancakes, we weren’t full yet.  Out the window Nayoung spotted her favorite place to get kimbap, so we headed there next.  Yea.  That’s right, a second breakfast.  haha, I love Nayoung, she loves eating as much as I do!  ^^

It’s called Kim Ga Ne 김家네. We ordered 1 plate of tuna kimbap and 1 plate of steamed dumplings.   A soup, kimchi, and picked radish (?) came as the side dishes.

Steamed dumplings 물만두.  Very good when you dip them in the sauce it comes with (not pictured).  These dumplings are abnormally small though compared to other Korean dumplings.  W3,500

Tuna kimbap 참치김밥. As you can see it looks like sushi…but it’s not.  You can also get cheese or chicken kimbap.  The kimbap was soo huge.  Me and my tiny mouth were having some difficulties, but it was veryyyyyy delicious. W3000.

Soup, kimchi, and pickled radish (?).

The prices are VERY decent.  Most of the stuff on the menu is between W2000 and W5000. Check out their website (yea…it’s a chain)  I will return on my own to this place for kimbap and maybe some ddeokbokki for sure!!  ^^

They are currently looking for a part time worker.  Nayoung tried to get me to ask about the job.  I dunnooooo… >.<


From the subway walk up the main street toward Yonsei University.  Pass the Hyundai Shopping Center.  김家네 is on the left side of the street past the Dunkin’ Dounuts and has a yellow sign.  Honey Berrys is on the right side of the street and starts on the 2nd floor.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast for Lunch in Sinchon

  1. Abdi says:

    The tuna kimbap looks very tasty! Only for 3000 Won? This country keeps on surprising me.

    Do you get side dishes with that or was that enough to keep you full? =P. I hear you get kimchi with almost everything, lol

    • SeoulGirl015 says:

      Kimbap is VERY cheap here! Always about 3,000won. Or cheaper for a smaller portion. They sell kimbap in the convenience stores for 1,000won-2,000won but it’s pretty unhealthy and doesn’t taste as good as fresh kimbab. I’m going to miss kimbab soooo much!

  2. Alex says:

    Hello! I have a question regarding the direction! As u said, walk up the main street towards the Yonsei Uni (which is towards the North) and pass the Hyundai Shopping Center.

    However, as i see on the google map, Hyundai Shopping Center is at the North West. Can u please explain to me? 🙂 I am more interested in 김家네.

    Thank you in advance!

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